What is Sanitary Towel Machine

DNW sanitary towel machines are designed to provide a high-quality, consistent product. DNW offers a variety of models with different features and price points to find the perfect machine for your needs. Quality is vital to DNW sanitary towel machines. The machine must be tested before leaving the factory to ensure it meets its high standards. A trial run is mandatory before leaving the factory, and only the highest-quality machines are allowed to go out into the world and serve their customers.

DNW is committed to providing high-quality sanitary towel machine manufacturers with various products and services that meet customer needs. We are committed to serving the needs of our client’s customers by offering a broad range of products at competitive prices with prompt delivery schedules. In addition, DNW is dedicated to providing superior customer service at all times by providing our clients with outstanding customer support services such as on-time delivery, in-depth product knowledge, expertise, timely problem-solving skills, and accurate product information through our website.

What is a Sanitary Towel?

Sanitary towels are a necessity for women who have menstrual cycles. A sanitary towel, also known as a sanitary pad, is a piece of soft material worn by a woman to absorb blood during her period. Sanitary towels are made from 100% cotton, which allows them to absorb moisture and provide comfort during menstruation and other times of bodily fluid release.

Sanitary towels are inexpensive compared to other feminine hygiene products. Still, they come in many different forms and brands that cater to specific needs based on cultural norms and preferences worldwide. Therefore, the need for sanitary towels is high for women. In other words, a sanitary towel production line is an investment with high returns. Depending on your budget and the local economic level, DNW can provide you with a suitable machine.

DNW sanitary towel machines are revolutionizing the way towels are manufactured. The combination of hardware and software breakthroughs has enabled DNW to create the world’s most advanced and intelligent sanitary towel machine manufacturing facility. As a result, DNW is a leading player in the sanitary towel machine market, with a complete line of products that include high-quality machine tools and consumables. We are committed to providing innovative products and services to our customers worldwide.

Choosing the Right Sanitary Towel

  • Good absorbency. One of the most critical elements of a good sanitary pad is the ability to absorb a large volume of blood in a short period. Blood absorbed should also be locked into the center core, eliminating the chance of backflow when pressure is applied to the pad.


  • Length and Flow. Sanitary pads are classified as day or night, with shorter day pads

and night pads reaching 35 cm or more. The longer the tampon, the more liquids it can absorb. Night pads also include wide hip guards to prevent back leakages as you lie down effectively. Some pads also come with side gathers to fit your body contours to prevent side leakage throughout the night.


  • Material Comfort. Sanitary towels are either made of cotton or plastic netted. Everyone’s skin is different. Comfort levels with certain materials also differ. Some girls prefer a soft touch, while others may prefer a netted top layer. The type of material also affects its breathability.

How to use Sanitary Towel?

Our simple-to-follow shows you how to use and remove a sanitary towel.

Step 1. Open the soft grey wrapper and fold the towel out flat. Then peel the towel away from the wrapper (the back of the towel should now feel sticky).

DNW sanitary towel machines 

Step 2. Position the towel in your underwear (for long and night towels, the back end is more comprehensive) and remove the tab in the center. Now you can fold the wings around and underneath your underwear. This will hold the towel in place and keep it extra secure.

DNW sanitary towel machines 

Step 3. When you’re ready, removing the towel is easy. Pull back the wings and peel away from your underwear.

DNW sanitary towel machines 

Step 4. You can either wrap the towel in the new wrapper or grab some tissue and wrap it in that instead. Make sure you dispose of your towel in a particular sanitary waste bin or with your regular household waste. Don’t flush them down the toilet.

DNW sanitary towel machines 

DNW provides fast-acting sanitary towel machines that will help you revolutionize your business processes and get more done. We’ll help you find the suitable machine for your needs and ensure it is delivered on time. We’ve been helping businesses like yours for years now, so let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll find a solution that fits your needs. Use DNW as your one-stop shop for all your sanitary towel machine needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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