What is sanitary napkin production line


A sanitary napkin production line can produce all kinds of sanitary napkins. Sanitary napkin production lines are based on the needs of customers and can be widely used in different papermaking enterprises with different types of paper-making equipment.

Wing type sanitary napkin machine

What is a sanitary napkin production line?

A Sanitary napkin production line is a machine that produces sanitary napkins. It is also called a sanitary pad production line, sanitary pad making line or sanitary pad machine.

A Sanitary napkin production line is a continuous process that can be used to make all kinds of sanitary napkins. It consists of the following parts: shredder, caustic soda mixer, emulsifier homogenizer and mix tank, shearing machine, air bubble ring molding machine, automatic wrapper, automatic cutting system, and packing system.

Sanitary napkin manufacturing machine composition

The general sanitary napkin manufacturing machine composition is as follows:

Unwinding machine (to wind the paper into a roll)

Papermaking machine (to make the paper by using pulp)

Tissue-Making Machine (to make tissue paper by using pulp)

Drying Machine (to dry the paper and tissue)

Mechanical structure

The PLC control system is the brain of the machine. It controls all conveyor belts, sensors, and other systems in the production line such as:

Power supply;

Conveyor belt speed;

Rollers rotation speed;

Water supply; and

Air pressure.

Electrical circuit board

The electrical circuit board is the core of the machine, it is responsible for controlling the entire production process. The electrical circuit board is divided into three parts: control system, power supply, and electrical device. The electrical circuit board is the most important part of the production line.

Material mixing system

The material mixing system can mix different kinds of raw materials such as clay, carbon black, and resin. The mixer can mix the raw materials into a homogeneous mixture. The mixer is used to mix the mixture that you want to produce.

Paper Cylinder Pulp-drawing System

The paper cylinder pulp-drawing system is advanced equipment in sanitary napkin production lines. It can be used for continuous drawing of nonwoven fabric from the fiber slurry with high speed and good quality, thus saving energy, improving work efficiency, and reducing cost. The paper cylinder pulp-drawing system consists of two parts: the feeding device (feeding) and the drawing device (drawing), which are put into a drum-shaped structure through its inner wall surface. The material is delivered to the drum by the feeding device, then it goes through the rotation of the drum while being pressed between its inner wall surface and outer wall surface by centrifugal force so that it can be drawn out as a filament yarn or fiber web at both ends of this machine simultaneously; finally, it will be collected into a basket near both ends of this machine where they can be used directly as raw materials needed by spinning machines or further processed by other processing equipment such as crimping machine, etc.

Napkin Tissue Folding System

Another important part of the sanitary napkin production line is the napkin folding machine. The folding machine can be used to fold all kinds of sanitary napkin products, such as T-shirts underwear, and diapers. It’s easy and can be operated by one person to save labor costs. The folding machine is made of high-quality steel, durable and reliable.

Paper Cylinder Embossing System

The embossing machine is a kind of embossing machine, and it is used to emboss the pattern on the paper cylinder. It can make the paper cylinder more beautiful and durable.

Napkin Tissue Embossing System

An embossing machine is a special machine that can be used to emboss napkin tissue. The purpose of this is to increase the softness and strength of the paper tissue.

Napkin Tissue Cutting System

The cutting system is used to cut the paper into napkins. The cutting system can be used for different types of paper, such as toilet paper, facial tissues, bathing tissues, office papers, etc.

The cutting system is composed of a paper cutter, a cutting head, and a cutting knife.

The paper cutter cuts the raw materials into strips through an automatic control system (PLC). Then the strips are fed into the feeding mechanism by manual operation or mechanical operation; then they are transferred onto wheels by a continuous conveyor belt so that they can be guided to the feeding section of the machinery head.

Napkin Tissue Folding System (Including Sealing and Cutting)

After the napkins are folded in half, it is necessary to make sure that they won’t be unfolded again. The sealing and cutting machine can easily prevent this problem. The sealing and cutting machine has two functions:

Sealing: The first function of the sealing machine is to seal each folded napkin with a plastic bag so that it can safely store in warehouses or in transportation.

Cutting: After being sealed, each napkin will be cut according to the size requested by customers

Automatic Counting and Packaging Machine

Automatic Counting and Packaging Machine

This is a special device that is used in the production of sanitary napkins, which can also be used in other products as well. This machine automatically counts and packages sanitary napkins.

semi servo sanitary pad packing machine

a sanitary napkin production line can produce all kinds of napkins

A sanitary napkin production line can produce all kinds of napkins for women, men, and children. It can also be used to make diapers for babies.


It is a very good product that can be used in the production process of sanitary napkins. It’s easy to use, just plug it into a power outlet and then connect it with the raw material supply line.

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