What is a Pad Machine

A Pad Machine is the equipment used to produce menstrual pads that get included in the essential female health and hygiene products. It compromises five central units that work collectively to make pads efficiently.

A cotton or pulp pulverizer is present that works at a speed of 100kg per hour and gets powered by a 0.5hp motor. The pressing machine uses steel plated or powder coated dyes for shaping and compressing the soft pulp into pads at a minimum capacity of 2500 pads every 8 hours.

A sealing machine also gets installed for sealing pads within 20 seconds. For the back side gumming, a gumming set is also present that gums 500 products per 40 minutes. A Pad Machine also has an 18 gauge virgin steel or plastic UV-treated sterilizer, which is 35 inches long, 25 inches deep, and 24 inches wide, making the final product free from contamination.

pet pad machine

What are the Outstanding Features of a Pad Machine?

The outstanding features of a Pad Machine are listed below:

  • Indicators, temperature controllers, and a pad counter for improved process monitoring
  • Compact system with low setup cost and computerized microprocessor controller for easy operations
  • Multiple-sized pads manufacturing is possible in different shapes and sizes
  • Easy re-mounting procedure for loading the raw material roll

What are the Technical Parameters of a Pad Machine?

The technical parameters of a Pad Machine are:

  • 16ft x 6ft x 7ft (L x B x H) are the dimensional values
  • 12 kW/hour of power consumption
  • 3-Phase compressor
  • 16 pads/min is the pad production rate
  • 800 sq. ft. is the production floor requirement
  • 2500 sq. ft. is the total setup area requirement
  • 6 to 7 operators are required

How Does a Pad Machine Work?

The working of a Pad Machine involves five main steps that are:

  1. Pulp making involves making soft pulp via pulverizing or buying it directly from the market as a sheet.
  2. De-Fiberaztion, a carbon steel blade, produces required-sized filaments from the wood pulp.
  3. Pad formation includes compression of the wood pulp into the desired shape by the core forming system.
  4. Sealing by sensitive impulse sealing technique after wrapping the wood pulp core in non-woven fabric.
  5. Final packing of the prepared product and preparing it for shipping

What are the Major Applications of a Pad Machine?

The prominent applications of a Pad Machine are:

  • Disposable hygiene industry
  • Pad manufacturing plant

What are the Working Conditions for a Pad Machine?

The working conditions for a Pad Machine are as follows:

  • In the power mode, the voltage should be stable at 220V. There should be three phases for the compressor, and a single step for the machine in the load capacity is 16 HP
  • If the electricity supply is unstable, opt for an efficient generator to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Invest in an IGBT-based static voltage stabilizer having a power of 30kVA
  • To ensure the safety of the Pad Machine working employees, you must have RCCB/RCBO
  • Air pressure maintenance is necessary to have 8-10 kg/cm2
  • The air compressor should work at 17.3 CFM. An air dryer coupled with the air compressor is an excellent match
  • There should be at least 800 square feet of free space so that the production and storage can be comfortable
  • The length and width of the production floor should be neither too high nor too low. However, it should not be less than 20 feet. The height should be 10 feet.
  • The raw materials and finished products need a safe and dry storage area. The minimum space should be 1000 square feet.
  • The door length should be sufficient to allow the passage of all the components so that you don’t have to damage the property while installing it.
  • Each shift should have four semi-skilled workers dealing with product packaging.
  • For operating the system, there should be two well-trained and skilled workers. It is preferable to have experience in ITI engineering
  • There should be one production manager to ensure that the supply chain goes on and all the other affairs get handled appropriately.
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