What are the world famous sanitary napkin making machine factories?

In recent years, the market for women’s sanitary napkins has been expanding steadily due to the advancement in women’s thinking and the increase in women’s purchasing power. The styles and materials of sanitary napkin products are constantly being updated, with designs focusing more on practical usability in everyday life. While well-known sanitary napkin brands are recognized in the market, how much do you know about the equipment used to produce sanitary napkins? Here, we introduce five leading companies in the sanitary napkin making machine industry.


Fameccanica Data S.p.A.

Fameccanica Data S.p.A. is a leading industrial automation company, part of Angelini Technologies under Angelini Industries. Founded in 1975, it has been a cornerstone in developing automated production lines for absorbent hygiene products and home and personal care consumer goods, renowned for its advanced technology and innovation in the hygiene and disposable products sector.

Key Competitive Advantages:

Automation Production Lines: Designs and manufactures machines for producing disposable hygiene products like sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult incontinence products, and other absorbent products.

Sustainable Packaging: Committed to developing sustainable packaging technologies to reduce environmental impact.

Digital Services: Offers digital services to enhance production line performance and efficiency.

Fameccanica is recognized as one of Italy’s most innovative companies, holding many certifications ensuring the highest quality and sustainability standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 50001. With a significant global presence, operating in 58 countries with multiple branches and headquarters worldwide, including North America and China, the company has delivered over 1300 installation projects and holds over 1100 active patents.


Zuiko Corporation

Zuiko Corporation, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is a leading manufacturing company specializing in the development, design, and manufacturing of disposable hygiene product equipment. Since its establishment in 1946, Zuiko has been dedicated to innovative technology and high-quality machinery to meet global market demands.

Main Products:

Baby Diaper machine: Provides production lines for pants-type and tape-type diapers.

Adult Incontinence Product Equipment: Includes production lines for pants-type, tape-type, and light incontinence pads.

Sanitary Napkin  making machine : Covers production lines for sanitary napkins, sanitary pants, and panty liners.

Other Disposable sanitary products machine: Includes machines for pet pads, care pads, disposable masks, and RFID tag conversion equipment.

Zuiko holds over 800 global patents, continually developing new technologies to meet market demands. The company has also introduced machines for processing and recycling used diapers, emphasizing environmental protection and sustainability. Besides its headquarters and factories in Japan, Zuiko has multiple manufacturing, service, and sales bases worldwide, including China (Shanghai), Brazil (São Paulo), the United States, Thailand, Indonesia, Europe (Turkey, Germany), and India. These bases help Zuiko better serve global customers by providing customized solutions and continuous technical support.


GDM S.p.A.

GDM S.p.A., an Italian company, offers comprehensive solutions for the disposable hygiene products industry. It is part of the Coesia Group, a global leader in industrial and packaging machinery. Headquartered in Offanengo, Italy, GDM has four main operational units in multiple countries.

Core Offerings:

Baby Diapers: Includes both open-type and pants-type diapers.

Feminine Hygiene Products: Solutions for producing sanitary napkins and panty liners.

Adult Incontinence Products: Machines for producing adult diapers, protective underwear, and other incontinence products.

Other Hygiene Products: Includes care pads and other related products.

GDM focuses on innovation and customer service, offering a range of products and services to the disposable hygiene market. They have over 100 active customers globally and have installed more than 550 machines. GDM provides a range of support services for its machinery and customers, focusing on continuous innovation in product development, technology, and service. They are dedicated to creating sustainable solutions to reduce environmental impact and enhance operational efficiency.


Curt G. Joa, Inc. (JOA)

Curt G. Joa, Inc. (JOA) is a leading company in designing and manufacturing machinery for the disposable hygiene products industry. Founded in 1932 by Curt G. Joa, it is headquartered in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, USA, with additional offices in Germany and Japan. JOA is known for its innovative approaches to solving complex production challenges. The company designs machinery for various hygiene products, including baby diapers, adult incontinence products, feminine hygiene products, and other specialty products.

Key Technologies and Equipment:

ESC-8 Technology: Offers enhanced flexibility in product size changes, allowing a wide range of product and insert combinations, electronic size change capabilities, and increased production speeds. The technology minimizes waste through optimized adhesive application and ensures better product quality.

Adult Incontinence Making Machinery: Machines like J7I-AP and J8T-AP for adult pants and J8T-AB for adult diapers focus on high-speed production and meeting various product specifications.

Baby pant Machinery: Several models like J6S-B and J8T-B for baby diapers and J7I-BP for baby pants are designed to meet the high demand and quality standards of baby care products.

Feminine Hygiene Machinery: Machines like DEDE 300 and DEDE 400, and J20S-FN for sanitary napkins and J20S-PL for panty liners provide efficient and high-speed production solutions for feminine hygiene products.


JOA offers a comprehensive range of services to support its machinery, including spare parts, engineering, in-house machining, machine assembly, maintenance, product support, training, and upgrades or modifications. This extensive support network ensures customers can maximize the performance and longevity of their equipment.



W+D BICMA specializes in the production equipment for hygiene and personal care products, offering a range of solutions from adult care products to baby diapers. Founded in 1922 and headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, the company is a leader in providing efficient, innovative, and reliable solutions for hygiene and personal care product manufacturing.

Products and Services:

Sanitary Napkin  Production Lines and and Tampon production line : High-efficiency lines for producing female sanitary napkins and tampons, meeting different specifications and requirements.

Adult diaper Product Production Lines: High-speed production lines for adult care products, including adult diapers and pants.

Baby Diaper Production Lines: Equipment for producing high-quality, high-speed baby diapers to meet market demands.

Customized Solutions: Offers customized solutions based on specific customer requirements.

W+D BICMA is committed to technological innovation, continuously enhancing the performance and functionality of its equipment. This includes automation and intelligence, adjustability and flexibility, and environmental sustainability. The company is known for its high efficiency, innovation, and reliability in hygiene and personal care product manufacturing, continuously striving to meet growing customer demands and market challenges.

Overall, the global sanitary napkin equipment manufacturing industry is actively advancing towards automation, intelligence, and increased efficiency. If you are considering purchasing a sanitary napkin production line, it is essential to propose customized requirements based on your needs, including production speed, product size, and adjustment controls, while estimating the cost-effectiveness of the equipment.

In addition to the equipment, it is crucial to consider the procurement of raw materials for sanitary napkin production. The primary raw materials include absorbent paper, release paper, non-woven fabric, super absorbent polymers, etc. Different materials have different brand characteristics, so you need to choose the raw materials based on your product design and actual equipment operation.

Preparing for the overall production of sanitary napkin equipment is meticulous and requires detailed research. If you are interested in more information about sanitary napkin equipment but lack experience in material procurement, companies that are familiar with raw material procurement and offer cost-effective solutions are an excellent choice.


Quanzhou Shengquan Machinery Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou Shengquan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company deeply rooted in the medical, hygiene, and personal care product production equipment industry. It integrates research and development, manufacturing, technical services, and technical consulting as a professional manufacturer of disposable maternal and child hygiene product equipment.

Product Lines:

Female Hygiene Products: Includes full servo quick-easy packaging sanitary napkin production line, full servo strip packaging sanitary napkin production line, full servo panty liner production line, and menstrual pants production line.

Adult diaper  Product Production Lines: Adult diaper production line series and adult pull-up pants production line series.

Baby diaper  Product Production Lines: Full servo baby I-type and T-type diaper production lines.

Medical Examination Pad Production Line Series: Full servo care pad (mattress) production line and full servo care pad (pet pad) production line.


The company’s products are widely sold nationwide, in Hong Kong and Macau, and in overseas markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. They can provide customized design and manufacturing according to customer requirements, offering excellent, high-speed complete production lines along with training, guidance, and long-term technical support and services.

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