full servo underpad making machine

One-Stop Underpad Making Machine Solution

underpad pad makig machine

Underpad Making Machine Export Solution

  • The machine can produce regular type, economical type, and high-grade type under-pad and pet pad.
  • Customizable under-pad length and width.
  • Full servo or Semi servo.
  • The quantity of SAP and fluff pulp can be adjusted freely
  • Spread through the cotton core in the pulp collecting box.

SQ your One-Stop Underpad Making Machine Solution from China

As a leading manufacturer of underpad making machines in China, SQ provides a complete solution for various media. You can rely on SQ to provide technical support for disposable under-pad-making machines during installation and usage regardless of whether you are an end-user or an engineering company. A wide variety of SQ disposable underpad making machines are used in the industry. SQ obtains highly reliable, durable, and high-performance disposable under-pad making machines tailored according to each industrial requirement.
A combination of hardware and software breakthroughs has enabled SQ to create the most advanced and intelligent disposable underpaid making machines manufacturing facility in the world. SQ is one of China’s leading disposable under-pad making machines and process instrument manufacturers. SQ is your one-stop-shop for all your disposable underpaid making machine needs worldwide, with ISO certification, fast delivery, and a wide product range.

underpad making machine
underpad pad making machine

Features Of Underpad Making Machine

  • Easy disposal of products once manufacturing is done
  • Safety production units including safety doors, emergency stops, and many others
  • High precision rate with incorporated parts under CNC processing unit
  • PLC control system with a humanistic design
  • The high stable transmission system
  • Automatic working

Advantage Of Underpad Making Machine

  • Easy to operate the machine.
  • Solid steel machine frame.
  • Stable working speed.
  • Good quality control.
underpad pad making machine

SQ Your One-Stop Underpad Making Machine Solution from China

Design -Underpad pad making machine
Design based on clients diaper structure and machine speed
3 Production- underpad pad making machine
Raw material process by CNC Machine , high quality peumatic device
4 Raw material selection- underpad machines
One stop Raw material Selection including pulp , woven etc
Finished machine Test-underpad pad making machine
Factory Test , client can come to factory to inspect test result , factory trainning
6 Shipping-underpad machines
Carefully packing and export delivery

Underpad pad structure-underpad pad making machine

What is the Structure of Underpad Manufactured by Underpad  Making Machine?

Underpad  Making Machine is intended to manufacture underpads, hospital pads, pet pads, hospital mattresses, etc. The structure of finished products can also be customized according to your requirements.

However, the general structural composition of underpads is given below:

Top Sheet

The top sheet of the underpad is made of non-woven material. There is also a top tissue layer covering the top sheet.

Middle Sheet

The middle layer is commonly designed of cotton and SAP material that is added for liquid absorption.

Underpads of good quality have a greater amount of SAP to improve absorption rate. Tissue paper is also used to wrap the cotton core of the pad.

Back Sheet

PE film is used for manufacturing a back sheet and a down tissue to cover PE film. These are basic raw materials imported from famous brands to assure product quality.

Underpads are large, rectangular pads outfitted with super absorbent polymers between two waterproof plastic layers. Place them on chairs, wheelchairs, beds, car seats, or any other surface you want to keep dry. Disposable underpads can also be used to reposition a loved one gently — they can hold up to 300 pounds of weight without tearing. Some caregivers even used them as a mat while changing a loved one’s pull-up, diaper with tabs, or pad.

If you’re caring for a loved one experiencing nighttime leakage or refusing to wear a pad, pull-up, or tab-style diaper, you may want to purchase underpads to protect your furniture. Disposable underpads are a quick and easy way to protect against incontinence, even from pets! In addition, many users buy underpads to use as potty pads indoors. Since they’re disposable, you can toss the underpads out after each use, meaning less cleaning.

To decide which under-pad works best for you, you’ll want to think about two things: the person (or pup!) that’s incontinent and the size of the furniture you’d like to protect. A significant person on a bed, for example, should use a large disposable underpad. On the other hand, a smaller person looking to protect a wheelchair would likely be fine with a small size. If you aren’t sure, each under-pad listing comes with measurements that you can compare to the furniture or seat area you’d like to protect.

Underpad  Making Machine works efficiently on automatic mode to produce underpads.

The raw materials required for pads production are provided to the machine for manufacturing that is given below:


Super absorbent polymer is a core raw material that is used as an absorbent in underpads. The greater the amount of SAP used in pads, the greater will be the absorbance character. Different international brands offer SAP of different quality. In some factories, SAP is recycled from baby diapers to use again.

Tissue Paper

Down tissue with high breathability is preferred use for better product quality. If the paper is used with low breathability, there will be an effect on pulp formation and ultimately over machine capacity.

Non-Woven Fabrics

For making the first layer of underpads, nonwoven fabric is credibly used. Some clients prefer to use a hundred percent pure polypropylene for surface sheets.

But to lower the costs, non-woven fabric mixed with CaCO3 and used for making pet pads. Both category non-woven fabric is available as per client needs.

PE Film

Polyethylene film is used to make the last layer of underpads. Polyethylene film can also be used in its pure form for desired good quality pad manufacturing.

But for mitigating required costs, PE is mixed with CACO3 and used to make the last layer of pet pads.

Hot Melt Glue

For binding layers of pads, hot melt glue is used. It is imported from outclassing brands and installed in machines for binding purposes.

Underpad  Making Machine-A Complete FAQ Guide by SQ Machine.

An Underpad Making Machine is featured with a reasonably stable steel frame giving it structural strength and corrosion resistance. SAP, cotton, non-woven material, tissue paper, and PE film is used as raw material for standard manufacturing quality and customized underpads.

Auto web guider, touch screen, PLC, SAP feeding system, valves, and servo motor are the primary components involved in pad production.

Underpad  Making Machine offers products for different applications such as hospital surgery, incontinence patients, pets, puppy training pads, pregnant women, hospital pads for adults, etc.

SQ Machine is a high-ranked and professional manufacturer and supplier of the Underpad Making Machine that has made breakthroughs in design development and manufacturing technology. In addition, we have developed a strategic alliance with branded enterprises to provide high-quality underpad machinery, baby diaper machine, adult diaper machine, and sanitary napkin machine to our domestic and international clients.

In this well-researched FAQ guide, you will get detailed information about its Making Machine related to its specifications, features, types, design flexibility, applications, raw material, advantages, and standards for its design.


Thus an Underpad Making Machine comprises a solid square steel frame of modular configuration. The fluffing system, SAP feeding, crusher system, and servo motors are core components for satisfying underpads production.

What is Underpad Making Machine?

Underpad  Making Machine is a compact, designed, and efficient working unit installed to produce good quality underpads.

Its main components are a paper crusher, SAP feeding system, cutter, servo motor, PLC control unit, sensors, and pressure regulating valves. Underpad Making Machine of different sizes and models are available to meet different business needs.

A large variety of credible quality products are designed as underpads, hospital pads, baby diapers, pet pads, disposable breast pads, menstruation panty pads, sanitary napkins, puppy training pads, etc.

Design versatility, easy installation, maintenance, and standardized accredit certification increase its quality and scale of credibility among international clients.

What is Full Automatic Underpad Making Machine?

When Underpad  Making Machine controls all pad production processes from manufacturing to packaging is called a fully automatic machine.

The basic performance characteristics of this automatic machine are given below:

Performance Characteristics

  • PLC program control with touch screen is integrated for getting visual display of machine operation.
  • Thickness, as well as the weight of underpads, is adjusted by placing step-less control of the governor.
  • SAP addition in the core part of underpads is automated. For quantitative thickness, SAP addition can also be adjusted.
  • The folding size of the underpad is   1/2, 1/3, or 1/4. This is adjusted as per requisite by giving the command to the machine. After that machine automatically controls the folding size.
  • Raw material splicing is also undertaken by an automated system connected to the machine.
  • For rejecting wastes as well as rejected underpads, the automatic rejection system is fabricated with an automatic machine.
  • For regulation and precision in operation, an automated detection system is installed that identifies any change in operation.
  • An auto tension control system and phase adjusting system fabrication regulate operation without interrupting the machine.
  • The stable speed of the automatic Underpad Pad Making Machine ranges from 40 to 50 m/minute.
  • While the width ranges from 300 to 800mm, the length can vary from 400 to 1500mm.
What is a Full Servo Underpad Making Machine?

When servo motors are connected with Underpad Making Machine, it is renowned as a full servo machine. The full servo motor has high intelligence as compared to frequency motors. The speed provided by the full servo machine is also high as compared to the frequency/spindle motor.

Servo motors are mediated to regulate the speed of the machine. There are also available servo controllers for stable operational work of servo motors.

Therefore, the signals provided by servo motors are more accurate as compared to other motors. The full servo machine does not require a gearbox for the controlled operation of cutters.

It precisely controls the speed of cutters reducing the costs of gearbox downtime. Almost 30 sets of servo motors are connected with machine parts for regulated operation.

Therefore Underpad Making Machine is called a full servo. It has high costs as compared to a semi-servo machine. Full servo motors assist the machine is operating at any required speed without a gearbox.

What are the Key Features of the Underpad Making Machine?

Underpad Making Machine is highly desirable to produce a diverse variety of pads covering the needs of a large number of applications.

The main features of the machine describing its operational characteristics are given below:

  • Three frequency motors are mediated to drive with PLC controls.
  • PLC control is fabricated with a touch screen to display the machine working visually.
  • Teeth like crushes having high speed are integrated with the machine.
  • The addition of SAP in the production of underpads is automated.
  • Molding of web wheel and frequency unwinding assist in product manufacturing.
  • Splicing of raw material is undertaken with an automatic system.
  • The auto-tension control system is integrated with Underpad Making Machine.
  • Auto reject system is fabricated to reject wastes and products that do not formulate according to adjusted instructions.
  • Alarms, as well as an auto-detect system, are installed, configuring inspection of material exhausted.
  • Phase adjusting features assist in adjusting operation without stopping the machine when running.
  • Over products manufactured is auto-counted, and output is aligned in a line.


What are the Specifications of the Underpad Making Machine?

Underpad Making Machine efficiently works to produce underpads for different purposes, either of standard sizes or customer requirements.

Its key specifications related to its operation are given below:

  • The stable speed for manufacturing underpads is 230 pieces per minute. (Customizable)
  • While the designed speed of underpads production is 300 pieces per minute.
  • Air pressure adjusted for machine ranges from 0.6 to 0.8Mpa.
  • The product weight deviation is about ±5%.
  • The qualification rate of product manufacturing is about ≥ 97%
  • Machine color is customized as per-requisite of the customers.
  • The product structure consists of a top sheet made of nonwoven and a layer of upper tissue.
  • While the middle layer consists of cotton and SAP.
  • There is a lower tissue layer after the core.PE back sheet is the last layer of the underpads structure.
  • The machine capacity of installed power is about 200KW.
  • The width of underpads ranges from 800 to 1200mm (minimum to maximum).
  • While the length of underpads ranges from 800 to 3000mm (min to max).
What are the Main Functions of the Underpad Making Machine?

Underpad Making Machine designs different category pads of diverse sizes and quality. Except for, it offers different functions that are given below:

  • Underpads of disposable nature are feasibly manufactured on customer demand.
  • This machine also designs pads for elderly use in hospitals.
  • Except for, it formulates underpads of different sizes. There is also an option to customize width as well as pad length.
  • To control speed, a full servo machine connected with servo motors can be purchased.
  • Option for semi-servo is also available to operate the machine. Underpad Making Machine can be customized as either servo or semi servo.
  • Adjustable spraying systems or SAP interrupted systems are optionally available and can be selected per needs.
  • The pulp collecting box is connected for spreading the cotton core during pad manufacturing.
  • The machine is renowned among foreign clients and customers for its easy operation as well as maintenance.
What are the Applications of the Underpad Making Machine?

Underpad Making Machine is of versatile design and unique features that are used for different applications as given below:

  • Hospital surgery
  • Incontinence person
  • Baby diapers
  • Pads for adult usage at hospitals
  • Patients
  • Puppy training pads
  • Pads for pet
  • Pregnant women
What are the Advantages of the Underpad Making Machine?

Underpad Making Machine offers a couple of advantages to its users for having its simple design and unique features as given below:

Modular Design

The machine frame is of modular design and assists in feasibly modifying or integrating accessories for making different products such as pet pads, underpads, hospital pads for adults, puppy training pads, etc.

Design Flexibility

There is an installed option for adjusting the required length as well as the width of underpads. A large variety of pads can be produced easily. Except, multiple cores can also be produced, giving an option of design flexibility.

Easy Maintenance

The simple and compact design of the machine helps to easily understand the operating process of the Underpad  Making Machine. It is easy to install and maintain, reducing customer expenses required for machine maintenance.

Cost Flexibility

Different models are available at different rates as fully automatic, servo, or semi servo machines. You can purchase a semi-servo machine for underpads production for a lower budget.

Options to Reduce Downtime

Alarms, auto-reject, and auto-detection system integrated with machine inspects any operation problem and makes an alert signal on time. Good start-up training by company engineers also assists in reducing machine downtime.

How Does the Absorbance Rate of Underpads Increase in the Underpad Making Machine?

Underpad  Making Machine either works as semi servo or fully automatic.PE film, cotton, non-woven material, and SAP are used as raw materials in machine manufacturing underpads.

Absorbance Characteristic of Underpads

SAP (an abbreviation of super absorbent polymer) is used as an absorbent in pad production. To increase the absorption rate, the machine uses more SAP.

There are different top-class brands offering SAP of different quality. By using SAP of good quality, the absorbance rate is increased. Puppy training pads are commonly available with lower costs than medical underpads based on absorption quality.

Medical underpads are manufactured with high SAP content, assuring high liquid absorbance. Some of the SAP from waste baby diapers is recycled to use again in the manufacturing of underpads.

How Does Underpad Making Machine Provide Versatility in Production?

Underpad Making Machine is configured to provide versatility in pad production. Underpads of different sizes are manufactured.

  • Hospital adultery pads, pet pads, puppy training pads, baby diapers, and medical underpads are also manufactured by this machine.
  • This versatility in production is due to proprietary technology introduced in the machine by the engineering team to meet customers’ needs.
  • An adjustable spraying system for SAP spread is connected, assisting in adjusting the amount of SAP for different production.
  • The machine is featured with technology-assisted options that involve the adjustment of the width and length of the underpad, assuring product diversity.
How Does Underpad Making Machine Offer Product Flexibility?

Underpad Making Machine is configured to produce underpads. It is renowned among its customers for offering product flexibility as:

  • The machine is featured to run for different lengths and widths of underpads, assuring minimal needs for hardware change. The size adjustability provides flexibility in product variety development.
  • Core parts composition can also be varied by machine. There are multiple options for manufacturing core design. The machine can feasibly prepare a fluffy core or airlaid core, increasing design flexibility.
  • Products folding provided by machine as per your preferences also provide a design flexibility option.
  • The Underpad Pad Making Machine frame is of modular design that can easily adjust for upgrading as well as modifications to produce different products.
Under Which Standardization the Underpad Making Machine is Designed?

Underpad Making Machine is a credible working unit that is entitled to make underpads of high quality. The durability of the machine is assured for its structural construction under international standards as given below:

  • Global Safety and Electrical Compliance
  • CE License and Certification
  • NFPA Compliance
  • OSHA Compliance and Regulations
  • ISO 9001 Accredit Certification
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