Professional pull up training pants machine manufacturer

Professional Training Pants Machines Manufacturer

Pull Up taining pants machine manufacturer

Reliable Pull-Up Training Pants Machines Factory from China

  • Servo-driven, intelligent HMI touch screen man-machine interface.
  • Tension control with a buffer system, and automatic web guiding system, to ensure materials are stable working at zero speed splice.
  • Servo drive, digital size change, ensure run synchronously at the full process.
  • Servo drive, digital size change, ensure run synchronously at the full process.
  • Safety guard for operating side, emergency stop switch, security identifier, safety pull wire at the driven side.
  • Auto stacker and Packaging machine to be defined by customer need.
  • Customized Function Available

SQ Reliable Training Pants Production line Solution from China

Training pants are designed to help your child become potty trained. The absorbent material in training pants is similar to cloth underwear, but they’re much more absorbent. This helps make them a good transition between diapers and regular underwear, as well as helping with accidents until your child can reach the potty. Training pants can be disposable or washable—they help absorb accidents until your child can reach the potty. They’re often made of soft cloth to mimic the feel of underwear and have an elastic band all the way around, just like underwear does. Training pants come in an almost endless selection of styles and colors, so your child can choose ones that will excite her about using the potty.

SQ is a leading manufacturer and exporter of training pants machines. A key factor contributing to our success is our quality products, which have gained much recognition. With a committed team of people, we strive to meet the most stringent requirements of our customers. As a result, our training pants machines are known for their long service life, optimum performance, simplicity of use, rugged design, smooth finishing, and high efficiency. In addition, we offer this machine numerous technical specifications.

Pull up training pants machine factory


Our training pants machines are designed to meet the growing demand for training pants in various industries. The machine’s modules are made of stainless steel and can be customized according to market requirements. Our manufacturing department analyzes the most appropriate technologies, ensuring that we can offer our products at a competitive price without compromising quality or production capacity. In addition, we are willing to build a long-term collaboration with you to provide training pants machines whether you are a global brand owner or manufacturer.

The training pants industry is not just about manufacturing but also technology, innovation, and design. We are a team of experts in the manufacturing and assembly of training pants machines. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime if you have any questions or need more information about our products.

Raw Materials Are Used For training pants machine

training pants machine detail

aftersales service-training pants machines

There is a professional aftersales service team in SQ machinery, including electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, commissioning  engineers,and sales engineers



SQ is committed to providing high-quality training pants manufacturers with various products and services that meet customer needs. We are committed to serving the needs of our client’s customers by offering a broad range of products at competitive prices with prompt delivery schedules. In addition, SQ is dedicated to providing superior customer service at all times by providing our clients with outstanding customer support services such as on-time delivery, in-depth product knowledge, expertise, timely problem-solving skills, and accurate product information through our website.

Our production lines have been sold not only to the domestic market but also to many foreign countries and areas like Korea, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, etc. Our market understanding and product knowledge allow us to provide customers with complete business solutions. We are committed to providing the best quality disposable hygiene machines in the global market. Our machines are supplied with a manual for easy installation, and our experienced engineers and dedicated technical team members offer maintenance tips to improve the shelf-life of the machinery.

If you want to improve your product’s performance and efficiency, email us at or call +8613813312209, and let’s work together. Reach out to one of our experienced engineering teams today, and we’ll find custom-tailored solutions that meet your needs.

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