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SQ tissue machine is a machine that is used to make all paper products used for sanitary and hygienic purposes both at home and in public places. There are many raw materials for making tissue, such as cotton pulp, bamboo pulp, recycled paper, etc. Tissue paper-making is a financially feasible viable project as it has huge returns and few investments. The set-up of the tissue paper-making manufacturing unit can be small-scale or large-scale business. An individual can start a tissue paper-making business with little investment and develop the structure whenever he wants. As paper use is increasing rapidly, it’s a new revolution in the paper industry.

Your Export for Tissue Machine from China

Various shapes and sizes are available for SQ  tissue machines. High-quality base materials are used in the manufacture of our tissue machines, which ensure consistent performance and high efficiency. Additionally, we offer the most competitive prices in the industry on tissue machines. Our tissue machine is made up of quality components and is designed to last. Moreover, the tissue is very gentle to the touch.

We offer a wide range of quality, proven tissue machines at SQ machine. We manufacture our products using advanced technology and optimum materials to meet international quality standards. To meet the needs of a wide range of customers, we offer a wide range of product specifications. We strive to provide high-quality products at competitive prices to our valued clients, as a customer-oriented organization.

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High-quality Surgical tools for tissue processing and the final product features to achieve a better final result. Our complete tissue machines are engineered to ensure consistent, quality products that provide maximum productivity. In addition, the latest generation of machines features a smaller footprint and higher output.


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Tissue Machine- A Complete FAQ Guide

Tissue paper manufacturing is highly demanding regarding resources, energy, or capital. A Tissue Machine is a specialized machine designed to make various types of tissue such as facial tissue, paper towel, bathroom tissue, wrapping tissue, specialty tissue and paper napkin, etc.

Finding a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier that profoundly understands your demands for tissue production has become difficult nowadays. Don’t worry; we have got your back. We consider the tissue’s strength, value, softness, absorbency, and appeal during production. Our prime quality Tissue Machine is customizable and available at a very affordable price according to your industrial budget and requirements.

To know more about our worldwide famous Tissue Machine with minimum process waste, read this FAQ guide below:

How to Choose the Suitable Tissue Machine


  • Find some big-scale factories that manufacture the machine to make tissue paper. Large factories generally have professional engineers and quality inspectors to guarantee high-quality products. Quality inspectors should test all spare parts in every production process.
  • Buy the machine for making tissue paper at a reasonable price. You need to pay corresponding money for the high-quality toilet paper maker. You cannot buy a machine with cheap funds lower than the market price. As we all know, the price will always be adequate for the quality of tissue machines.
  • You should pay attention to after-sale service. Perfect service can give you great convenience.
What is a Tissue Machine?

A Tissue Machine is a remarkable piece of equipment used in tissue production with the help of a single drying cylinder (involving steam heating) connected to a hot air hood. The raw material used in this process is paper pulp.

Its main components include the headbox, hood, press section, Yankee cylinder, reel, and Yankee doctor. Its main aim is to manufacture highly absorbent, soft, and strong tissue paper that can be used for various purposes.

It allows intricate designs and customization to create different forms with the same raw material producing excellent quality tissue papers. The machine can make tissues in various sizes and thicknesses according to the instructions fed into its system and your requirements.

What are the Specifications of a Tissue Machine?

The general specifications of a Tissue Machine include the following:

  • The operating speed is 700 to 1400 m/min
  • The trimmed paper width used to make the tissue is up to 2850 mm
  • The gross capacity of the machine is 30 to 80 tons per day
  • The diameter has a range of 3000 to 3660 mm
  • The reel basis weight is 13 to 35 g/m^2
What are the Major Components of a Tissue Machine?

The major components of a Tissue Machine include the following:

● Headbox

The headbox is responsible for delivering a jet that has uniform velocity. It is tapered and allows a linear motion towards the nozzle. There is some calculated amount of turbulence to allow proper fiber distribution.

By the end of the nozzle, it makes a low convergence angle so that the headbox can deliver a free and short jet length. It has a tapered header that allows straight-flow motion to the nozzle. The design is hydraulic, minimizing the accumulation of dirt, debris, chemicals, and fiber in the headbox.

● Forming Section

It deals with forming a sheet rolled between a forming wire and felt. The two are synchronized to make a solid forming roll. The headbox delivers the water collected by the deflector or the save-all tray.

This tray has perforated canes and is specifically designed to absorb the jet’s energy so that the air entrainment is low. After the draining process, the formed sheet already reaches the belt. It is followed by showering of the wiring to ensure cleanliness.

● Press Section

It is the section where the suction press roll is run on the belt and pressed against the dryer. If a single press configuration is used, the tissue’s bulk is more significant than a double press configuration.

● Dryer

A special alloy cast iron is used to make the dryer with external and internal machinery and a polished body. The internal surface is grooved.

● Hood

It is a hot air hood that is heated using steam and contains a wet and a dry end as it is divided into two halves. The wet end allows moisture profile regulation. However, the dryer end is involved in better regulation of blowing speed.

● Sectional Drive Control System

Based on a CPU, it is a PLC control system that uses a distributed remote I/O. It has a user-friendly operator interface that has a touch screen. The electric components for a firm control are control cabinets and an operator desk.


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