How to Select a Suitable Sanitary Pad Machine for your Factory

For selecting the best Sanitary Pad Machine for your industry, considering the quality and right type of machine is essential:

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While purchasing your Sanitary Pad Machine, the following qualities should be checked:

  • The operation speed should be reasonable
  • It should have a long service life
  • The operation should be easy and user friendly
  • There should be proper protective measures for safe operation

Settling for a machine just because it is under your budget might not be favorable for your application because you’ll have to pay more for its maintenance and repair over time. Therefore it is better to consider it a one-time investment and pay for its quality and innovative features that add to the productivity of your application.

Only consider a premium quality stainless steel body that is resistant to corrosion and can bear mechanical damage.

Model of Sanitary Pad Machine

A suitable machine model is necessary to produce the required quality of pads. Different models have specific features and specifications suitable for various applications depending on their needs and demands.

Therefore you should thoroughly research which model and features will suit your application the best. It is essential to go for the most updated version to stay updated with the market.

Different Types of a Sanitary Pad Machine

Depending upon the usage of a Sanitary Pad Machine, it is divided into two main categories:

1. Large Scale Centralized Production

These units are expensive but can handle the workload of almost a million pads daily. The speed is considerably high, and there are many slots for simultaneous production of pads.

It is usually automatic, and the labor is only required to deal with any interference in the normal functioning of the machine.

2. Small Scale Production

For small setups, a small-scale production machine is quite suitable. Although the speed is reasonable, power consumption is considerably low, making it more affordable.

The quality is not the same as that of large-scale production units, and it comes in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic configurations. The machine’s performance is significantly compromised and inconsistent when the workload is increased.


What are the Technical Requirements of a Sanitary Pad Machine?


The major technical requirements of a Sanitary Pad Machine are:

  • Maintain a focus on visual appeal, excellent functioning, compact structure, easy operation, simple maintenance, and quick troubleshooting.
  • Follow the standard procedure for operating the unit and the authorized drawings and technical documentation for every process.
  • There should be no noticeable lumps, scratches, or other issues with the Sanitary Pad Machine line’s appearance.
  • The assembled pieces must all have a level edge with no visible displacement.
  • Furthermore, all components and accessories of the equipment must be manufactured under applicable standards.
  • As a result, the welds need to be solid and free of defects such as burns, fractures, pores, and other imperfections.
  • There must be no loosening of the fasteners or odd noises from operating parts.
  • To allow flexibility and reliability, pneumatic systems must adhere to GB/T 7932.
  • The equipment’s die wheel and external cutter must be interchangeable to accommodate changing Sanitary Pad Machine specifications.
  • Elements of electrical lines and pipes must be appropriately organized and neatly installed with no contact with moving parts.
  • One of the essential requirements for a painted surface is uniformity. The color should be constant, and the surface should be glossy.
  • The circular runout of roller-moving bodies like cutting tools must satisfy the drawing’s specifications.
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