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  • Help to protect against skin irritation in diapers/napkin users by reducing skin wetness.
  • Help prevent the spread of infections
  • Help keep the skin dry and soft for greater comfort for the user.
  • Prolong soil water holding capacity.
  • Decrease the drought stress.
  • Help to increase the time between irrigation events.
  • Reduces the risk of urine mixing with faecal material.
  • The highest absorbency load (AUL).
  • Colorless, odorless, and absolutely non-toxic.
  • The highest durability and stability in the swelling environment,
  • Crosslinker type and concentration.
  • The highest absorption capacity,

SQ Machine - High Quality SAP (Superabsorbent Polymers) Suppliers in China

SAP (Superabsorbent polymers) is an ideal material for use in products designed to absorb/ contain fluids such as baby diapers/nappies feminine hygiene pads, incontinence products, and liners. SAP can absorb up to 300 times their weight in aqueous fluids and once the fluid is absorbed, they do not subsequently release it.

The SAP is made of acrylic acid, sodium hydroxide, and water plus a cross-linker which forms the bridge to link one polymer chain to another. After that, it goes to the polymerization process where this solution is mixed together and forms the three-dimensional networks of polymer chains which convert to the form of an aqueous gel.

SAP (Superabsorbent polymers) have the capacity to absorb water 400-500 times their own weight and can release it slowly. Therefore it is widely used for plant roots to act as micro water reservoirs, in diapers and sanitary towels, and used in concreate to reduce the shrinkage and promote internal curing.

At SQ machine, our primary focus is to provide you with the highest quality products at all times while maintaining our reputation as one of the leading companies in the manufacturing adult diaper industry. We strive to provide you with durable and functional machines that are easy to use and maintain so that you can focus on expanding your business without worrying about correctly managing your equipment. In addition, our extensive know-how gives us an edge over our competitors, who may not have access to the same level of equipment or capabilities as us.

Our production lines have been sold not only to the domestic market but also to many foreign countries and areas like UAE, Korea, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, etc. This is because we are committed to creating high-quality products that are made with innovation.

For more information about adult diaper machines, don’t hesitate to contact us at or call +8613813312209.


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Why SQ machine  SAP (Superabsorbent Polymers)

Superabsorbent materials have a wide range of applications, and thus, are used across many disciplines, including medicine, civil engineering, agricultural production, soil science, hygienic products, and baby diapers. We have access to a variety of different types of superabsorbent polymers and substrates, By enabling SQ machine  to custom design absorbent cores as per customer-specific applications. These cores can be ultra-thin high absorbency coats where these particles are hydrogen bonded between two sheets of tissue.

If we compare superabsorbent polymers to similar water-absorbing materials of sponges and pulp, SAP is highly absorbent and does not easily lose liquid even when pressure is applied.

Q-1 What liquids do superabsorbent polymers absorb?

The SAP super absorbent polymers absorb water as sodium polyacrylate SAPs are designed to react with aqueous fluids chemically through hydrogen bonding between the SAP molecules and the water molecules.

Q-2 Are Superabsorbent Polymers Safe?

Superabsorbent polymers have undergone extensive toxicity testing has shallow toxicity profile and has intimate contact with human skin. Therefore it is widely used in baby diapers and feminine hygiene products.

Q-3 What are some common applications of superabsorbent polymers?

SAPs are used to control liquid water by controlling water’s properties. It is widely used as a absorbent meat pads, medical waste fluid control, industrial waste solidification, diaper and feminine hygiene pad manufacture industries etc.

Q-4 What Are SAPs made of?

Sodium polyacrylate is the commercially available superabsorbent polymer technology, designed to absorb hundreds of times its weight of water-based fluids and retain the fluid indefinitely under moderate vibration and pressure.

Q -5 Which is a characteristic of super absorbent polymers?
  • Superabsorbent polymers are materials that can retain large volumes of water and maintain their shape after swelling.
  • SAPs can release approximately 95% of the water they absorb.
  • SAPs can improve soil porosity and water holding capacity.
  • SAPs can reduce concrete shrinkage and improve carbonation resistance
Q-6 Can I flush superabsorbent polymer?

No. If you flush superabsorbent polymers, it will swell up due to its water absorbing property and retain extremely large amounts of water and cause blockages in pipes.

Q-6 Is superabsorbent polymer plastic?

Technically, sodium polyacrylate can be considered as a plastic because the polymer chains are derived from hydrocarbon.

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