Full servo quick easy package wing shape sanitary napkin machine

Professional Sanitary Pad Making Machine Manufacturer

Sanitary pad making machine

Sanitary Pad Making Machine Export Solution

  • Compact machine.
  • Can produce multiple sizes of ultra-thin sanitary pads.
  • Work on high speed with high efficiency.
  • Advance high-speed motors.
  • Maximum production capacity.
  • Indicator and pad counter for better process monitoring.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • 10x longer life than traditional model machines.

Professional Sanitary Pad-making Machine Manufacturer

SQ sanitary pad-making machine is an automatic machine for producing high-quality hygienic napkins. The machine is compact and easy to operate. A Sanitary pad-making machine is more economical and faster than other traditional equipment. It will not slow down and will not stop when fully automatic feeding, saving labor, high-quality, and cost-effective. These machines are ideal for large-scale and small-scale industries, offering consistent performance levels. The sanitary pad-making machines are not just automated and efficient but are also very durable regarding their qualities, having a longer work life. The SQ sanitary pad-making machine has a high production speed and a quality manufacturing process that allows for higher production.

Full servo strip package sanitary pad machine
sanitary pad machine

Feature of Sanitary Pad Making Machine

  • It allows you to set up a localized manufacturing unit with little investment and low distribution costs.
  • It is affordable and operates at low running costs.
  • The precision level is appreciable and can produce various sanitary pads, including the thin, ultra-thin, extra-thick with wings, etc.
  • The quality of the finished product is remarkable.

Advantage of SQ Sanitary Pad Making Machine

  • It is certified by the higher authorities and is approved by the skill development programs.
  • As most of the machine’s work is done, the labor requirement is low. Only the mounting and demounting are manual.
  • There are various models, efficiency ranges, and types to choose from. You can select the one according to your industrial requirement.
sanitary pad machine

Sanitary Pad Making Machine-A Complete FAQ Guide by SQ Machine.


A Sanitary Pad Making Machine is a specialized system that involves three processes to make sanitary pads from scratch. It uses wood pulp sheets to make the soft and flat filling for the pads.

The pads are highly absorbent and ideal for maximum coverage, thus helping to deal with menstruation, a common process that needs to be taken care of. As it is affordable and easy to operate, this machine brings an excellent solution for women worldwide.

Due to the intricate manufacturing process, the Sanitary Pad Making Machine designed by SQ Machine is hygienic and carefully regulated to ensure maximum reliability. We also manufacture and supply prime quality baby diaper machines, panty liner machines, underpad machines, and a lot more industrial equipment. Investing in a pad-making machine goes a long way because it pays off well.

You must know all the functions, and features, and work to get the best out of it. This article will help you understand the machine better. So let’s get started.


A Sanitary Pad Making Machine is an excellent solution for keeping up with the high production requirements in the market. Due to easy installation, operation and maintenance, it is a very productivity-oriented investment, which gives a definite increase in revenue.

To get your highly efficient Sanitary Pad Making Machine at a very affordable with a one-year warranty, contact us and get your quote. Our highly professional customer care service is 24/7, ready to help you.

What is a Sanitary Pad Making Machine?

A Sanitary Pad Making Machine is an indigenously designed machine programmed to produce high-quality sanitary pads at a remarkable rate. It uses electricity, and the running cost is also low.

It has a robust assembly that is easy to compose and involves three processes step by step. The maintenance requirement is minimum, and you can obtain high-quality sanitary pads with precision in design and manufacturing.


You can get it in automatic, semi-automatic, and manual configurations based on the requirements of your application.

What are the Requirements of a Sanitary Pad Making Machine?

A Sanitary Pad Making Machine requires certain conditions for optimum working and maximum productivity. Some of the requirements are written below:

Power Mode

  • The voltage requirement must be about 220, and it should be maintained for stability. The load capacity should be 16 HP, and there is a single phase for the machine and three phases for the compressor. If the electricity supply is unstable, it is better to use a generator.
  • A static voltage stabilizer based on IGBT and holding a voltage of at least 30 kVA is required.
  • For safety purposes and protected functioning, there should be RCCB/RCBO. It allows the workers to have a safe environment to work satisfactorily.

Air Pressure Requirements

  • The air should be maintained at around 8-10 kg/cm2
  • The air compressor should be able to work at 17.3 CFM.
  • An air dryer or designator is helpful to get rid of the moisture in the compressor, offering better function.


  • Different models of the machine have distinct space requirements based on the size and area available.
  • On average, the total space requirement may exceed 800 square feet. It should be maintained for maximum aeration and convenient working.
  • The machine’s room should not be less than 10 feet in height, and the length and width should be more than 20 feet.
  • The packaging area should also be spacious and close to the production area. The minimum size should be 500 square feet.
  • The door to the room where the machine is to be installed should be 4×8 feet. This is to avoid damage to the property when the machine is introduced into the room.


The storage area should be clean and dry allowing safe storage. The fresh materials, raw materials, and finished products should be stored in dedicated areas and separated from each other.

Staff Requirements

According to the machine’s efficiency, skilled workers should be operating the machine and packaging. A manager should supervise the whole process.

Process Requirements

The process must be regulated according to the requirements to obtain maximum productivity and a smooth system. The quantity of raw materials under given external conditions must be maintained throughout.

What is the Production Capacity of a Sanitary Pad Making Machine?

The production capacity of a Sanitary Pad Making Machine refers to the ability of the machine to produce the pads in the given amount of time. For an average, the production rate is given below:

Sanitary pads per day =5600

Eight sanitary pads per packet make 700 packets per day

Thus the machine manufactures 2,10,000 packets per year.

What are the Functional Features of a Sanitary Pad Making Machine?

The salient functional features of your Sanitary Pad Making Machine are listed below:

  • There are various varieties in terms of sizes and shapes that can be achieved by using a well-maintained machine.
  • It is compatible with different raw materials, textures, and qualities.
  • A temperature control indicator allows you to monitor and maintain an optimum temperature. It can be connected to a thermostat and sensitive temperature sensors.
  • The monitoring process is efficient with accurate pad counting.
  • The mounting of raw products and dismounting of finished pads is easy and convenient.
  • It offers higher efficiency and energy-efficient function, thus keeping the utility bills under control.
  • The operation is smooth and allows uninterrupted working for many hours.
  • The precision of the product must be appreciated as the design is accurate. It lowers the chance of wastage of raw materials.

The specifications of the machine tend to change with the advancing technology and requirements of the finished product.

  • The length, breadth, and height dimensions should be at least 16ft x 6ft x 7ft.
  • The pad production rate has to be around 16 pads per minute, allowing considerable productivity.
  • It should be capable of producing thick, ultra-thin, and variable absorbent pads, with or without the wings.
What are the Three Working Processes of a Sanitary Pad Making Machine?

The working of a Sanitary Pad Making Machine involves three processes. Each of these processes is described below:


It has a carbon alloy steel blade that runs at 10000 pm. It deteriorates the wood pulp sheets into a filament with a specific length, for example, 1-1.5 mm. The wood pulp is readily available at cheap rates, and it is better to defibrate rather than grinding.

The defibration process takes place in the dedicated machine, which has a capacity of 150gms per minute. The total yield comes out to be one cubic foot in volume. This soft pulp is obtained at given conditions with a specified speed.

This machine has a single-phase motor with the power of 1HP. The size may vary according to the capacity and requirements.

Core Forming

The core forming takes place in a highly affordable manual machine that runs at a low cost. It is because it does not require any power. After all, it is manual. The soft, defibrated pulp is compressed to take the shape of a thin and smooth napkin.

Napkin Finishing

This process again requires power, and there is a specialized machine that makes 4-10 napkins per minute. The power requirement of this machine is also low, for example, 40 volts.

The formed wood pulp cores are sent to the core-forming device and then wrapped with a non-woven fabric. It is then sealed by a method called sensitive impulse sealing. A nichrome alloy filament is helpful in the construction of sealing pads.


What are the Warranty Claims for your Sanitary Pad Making Machine?

The warranty claims of your Sanitary Pad Making Machine allow you to claim discounted or free servicing for a specified time. It shows that the manufacturer is confident in their standard, and you can get back to them if you find any fault in the machine or have any complaints about the working.

  • There is one year warranty for any manufacturing defects, transportation damages, installation problems, and any other mechanical defaults.
  • At the time of installation, the spare parts critical for building and regular running of the machine are provided for free.
  • If it’s not the critical spares, and you require some other components, that can be ordered separately and will be payable.
What are the Installation Specifications for a Sanitary Pad Making Machine?

The installation specifications for your Sanitary Pad Making Machine are given below:

  • Once you receive the shipment, ensure all the components are intact, and the assembly parts are complete.
  • It should be mounted on a slightly elevated platform with all the components joined in the correct order.
  • There should be a stable electricity connection with sufficient voltage to run the motors.
  • The room should be large enough to accommodate the whole assembly.
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