full servo pet pad making machine

Disposable Pet Pad Making Machine

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Pet Pad Machine Export Solution

  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Machine design as to CE standard and approved by CE license.
  • Effortless control with real-time data collection.
  • Advanced automatic control for high efficiency.
  • Servo motors driving.
  • Main mechanical parts made by CNC, main supported parts from world-famous brands.
  • Customized color.
  • Solid square steel machine frame.

SQ your One-Stop Puppy Pad Making Machine Solution from China

SQ pet pad machine produces dog pee pads, also known as potty pads, wee-wee pads, piddle pads, or dog training pads that are either square or rectangular layers of absorbent material. SQ pet pad machines offer an absorbent, eco-friendly solution, more protection, and durable pet pads compared to traditional machines.

SQ has an ISO and utility model patent certificate and focuses on manufacturing disposable hygiene machinery like pet pad machines. Equipped with R&D, spare parts processing, assembly, machine testing, and after-service teams. With practical and high technology design, high speed and stable production, and a responsible after-service team, SQ is your premier pet pad machine manufacturer in China.

pet pad machine
pet pad machine

Main Components

  • Main machine
  • Glue applicator
  • Air compressor
  • Servo motor
  • PLC controls with touch screen
  • Control cutters
  • Gearbox
  • Vision detection system

Specifications Of A Pet Pad Machine

  • Compressed air requirements of the machine range from 0.6 to 0.8Mpa.
  • Stable speed ranges from 200 to 300 meters per minute.
  • The qualification rate of the product is≥ 97%.
  • The operating rate of the machine is ≥ 85%.
  • The upper sheet of the pad is made of non-woven material covered by upper tissue.
  • There is cotton in the center of the pad with SAP and down tissue.
  • The last layer of a product consists of a PE sheet.
  • Advance automatic controls are connected to PLC Controlling Unit.
  • All electric machine parts are also approved under CE certification or UL license assuring relative safety measures.
  • Scientific and compact designs, easy operation and maintenance, and workable upgrades for further reasonable needing.
  • Machine design as to CE standard and approved by CE license, electric parts approved by CE or UL license, with relative safety measures.
  • Interface adopted specialized industrial, humanized design, effortless control, real-time data collection, and alarm warming.
  • Advanced automatic control for high efficiency.
  • Auto-adjusting temperate to set parameters for those electrical thermo parts.
pet pad machine
pet pad machine

Key Functions of Pet Pad Machine

  • Underpad’s disposable nature is manufactured as per customer requirements.
  • Hospital pads are also prepared for elderly usage.
  • The machine functions to adjust the customized length and width of pads.
  • Servo motors can be integrated into the machine for controlling speed based on customer needs.
  • There is also an option to set frequency motor with the machine in replacement of servo motor.
  • SAP spraying can also be adjusted and selected for final operation as per needs.
  • Compact design and unique features assure to operating of the machine feasibly.
  • The pulp collecting box of the machine is involved in spreading cotton core while pads are manufactured.

SQ Your One-Stop Pet Pad Machine Solution from China

Puppy pad making dimension
Confirm what dimension you need , you can send samples or drawing
Design -Puppy pad making machine
Design based on clients pad structure and machine speed
Production- Puppy pad making machine
Raw material process by CNC Machine , high quality peumatic device
Raw material selection- Puppy machines
One stop Raw material Selection including pulp , woven etc
Finished machine Test-Puppy pad making machine
Factory Test , client can come to factory to inspect test result , factory trainning
Shipping-Puppy pad machines
Carefully packing and export delivery

Disposable PetPad Making Machine is an advanced, efficient working unit used to manufacture Petpads. Its basic features involved in the overall operation are given below:

  • Humanized and unique industrial design assisting in easy control, alarm warning in case of emergency, and real-time data collection.
  • Automatic controls are integrated with machines assuring high efficacy in operation.
  • Inverter motor is involved in auto unwinding of raw material with buffer tension balancing to assist automatic splicing. There is a touch button that is used to change the running direction of the motor.
  • A web guiding system is installed for raw material processing mediated to increase performance as well as acceptance criteria of the product.
  • Servo motor is integrated to control speed and defects auto rejecting system for continuous operation.
  • An integrity vacuum conveyor is installed to maintain product position and adjustability to belts.
  • The essential mechanical parts of the Disposable Pad Making PetMachine are manufactured by CNC and imported from top-class brands.
  • All Shortcutting of machines works on scratch mode, and their rollers are fabricated with surface treatment preventing them from conglutination.

Puppy pad structure-Puppy pad making machine

  • Good quality aluminum material is used for construction. The machine’s frame is constructed with steel metal for long service life.
  • Stable output power is adjusted.
  • All machine parts are firmly welded using thin or thick dimension welding material.
  • Atomizing glue spraying is configured to it. Standard designs of machines are prepared for flat products. For adding welding lace, there is a need to add a spraying part and power adjustment for proper working.
  • The machine is featured with compact, reliable, and scientific design assuring easy operation as well as maintenance.
  • CE accredit standardization and CE license approval increase machine durability and product quality.


Disposable Pet Pad  Machine-A Complete FAQ Guide by SQ Machine.

Disposable Pet Pad Making Machine is renowned in the global market for its automatic pad production process. The touch screen with PLC control is integrated for easy control and adjustment.

The evenness of non-woven cotton used in the pad can be recycled for again usage. The whole structural arrangement of Petpads with water-absorbent sheets prevents the floor from wetting.

Glue applicators, packing systems, vision detection, PLC, and servo motor are the main components of the machine. These incredible parts involved in pad production and their related packaging confirm product quality and stability.

SQ Machine is a skilled backbone manufacturer and supplier of top-quality Disposable Pet Pad Making machines intended to promote your development with science and technology. We offer a diverse variety of pad-making machines, including baby diaper machines, adult diaper machines, and sanitary napkin machines for domestic and foreign customers.

Here you will get concise and precise information about the composition, configuration, features, specifications, types, production process, primary applications, and functions of the Disposable PetPad Making Machine. Let’s begin.

As a leading manufacturer of pet pad machines in China, SQ provides a complete solution for your pet pad machine needs. We will provide technical support during installation and usage regardless of whether you are an end-user or an engineering company. DNW obtains highly reliable, durable, high-performance pet pad machines tailored to each industrial requirement.

A combination of hardware and software breakthroughs has enabled SQ to create the most advanced and innovative pet pad machines manufacturing facility in China. SQ has over 20 of experience in manufacturing and exporting. We can provide you with a one-stop pet pad machine solution for your business. We supply OEM service and full technical support during model selection, debugging, and installation. Our product line includes low-cost cast models for easy installation on high-end units capable of withstanding high temperatures and pressures.

We can provide the tools you need to revolutionize your business processes and achieve more. Contact one of our experienced engineering teams today, and we’ll find custom solutions that meet your needs. Please let us know of any special requirements for your business, and we will endeavor to find customized solutions for you. SQ is your one-stop shop for all your pet pad machine needs with ISO certification, fast delivery, and a wide product range.


Disposable PetPad Making Machine is configured with a servo motor or frequency motor for speed control. At the same time, PLC installation assures regulation and control of overall machine operation.

Thus, the Disposable PetPad Making Machine is your best choice for manufacturing Petand hospital pads. Its high-quality production interprets the progress of our enterprise.

We welcome you to contact us freely to purchase a high-grade Disposable PetPad making Machine. So place your order at or commence a call for further details.

What is a Disposable Pet Pad Making Machine?

Disposable Pet Pad Making Machine is an innovative and compact structured unit that has been introduced in the market for producing disposable Petpads.

It is manufactured under standardized credentials, meeting stable and scientific design requirements. It is renowned for its easy operation as well as maintenance. Automatic controls are also integrated with the unit.

Its designed pads are used for different purposes such as bed, medical, puppy, hospital, adult, incontinence, children’s, pee pads, dogs, etc.

What is the Configuration of a Disposable Pet Pad Making Machine?

The basic configuration of the Disposable PetPad Making Machine is given below:

Product Structure

Pet pads manufactured by the machine are configured with a top sheet and an upper carrier tissue. At the same time, the fluff core is made of cotton mixed with SAP. After core, there is a back sheet, back release, and wings release paper.

Product Size

The product size for daytime use is commonly adjusted as 240nm. While pads to use at night time are 285nm. The size can be customized as per requirements.

Control System

The whole operation of the Pet Pad Making Machine is controlled by PLC programming control as well as HMI operation.

Tension System

The tension system involves absorbent papers, carrier tissues, back release paper, pouch film, and leg cuffs. The Inverter motor participates in the unwinding of the A&B shaft.

Drive system

The drive system comprises a servo drive. Import conveyor, as well as the timing belt, is used with it. Import bearing is also an essential part of the machine drive system.

Safety System

There is a safety guard connected with an emergency stop switch for protection called a security identifier. It is installed on the operating side while the safety pull wire is installed on the driven side.

Which Material is Used for the Construction of Disposable PetPad Making Machine?

Disposable PetPad Making Machine works on full automatic mode and produces high-quality pads used for different purposes. It is manufactured with reliable design and material as given below:

  • Aluminum metal is used for machine construction and has high corrosion resistance.
  • Steel metal can also be used for the frame construction of machines.
  • Thin/thick dimension welding material of good quality is firmly used for welding different machine parts.
What is Pet Pad Structure Designed by Disposable Pet Pad Making Machine?

Disposable PetPad Making Machine is used to make Pet training pads. These pads can also be used for different purposes. Commonly the three-layered pad is manufactured by an automatic working machine. The structure of the pad is given below;

  • A top sheet is made of non-woven material and lined by upper tissue.
  • The core is made of cotton with SAP.
  • There is a down tissue lining the cotton core from the downward side.
  • The last layer is the PE casting sheet that covers non-woven cloth by using spray glue. Thermal bonding can also be used for this purpose.
What is the Pad Production Process of Disposable PetPad Making Machine?

Disposable PetPad Making Machine is integrated with servo motor for controlling speed. It is intended to prepare Petpads automatically. The pad production process of the machine is given below:

Step 1

Dust-free paper is cut-off firstly. Toilet paper with multiple layers can also be used for cut-off after that water absorption layer is generated.

Step 2

The water absorption layer is further covered with non-woven cloth. Spray glue is used to bond non-woven cloth over the water absorption layer.

Step 3

PE casting film is then used to cover the non-woven cloth with the assistance of thermal bonding or spray glue.

Step 4

Then a right package edge and left package edge are fabricated with pa ad using streamlined glue and thermal bonding.

Step 5

The next step is done by machine is about product folding and then product cutting as per size requirements.

Step 6

The overall product is inspected and finally released to the factory for further packaging and all other processes.

How is Disposable Pet Pad Making Machine Controlled?

The disposable PetPad Making Machine is equipped with a control system for reliable and regulated operation. The whole operation is controlled by using PLC.

A triaxial frequency conversion drive is also used for machine control. These rectifying devices regulate different specifications related to product design. HMI is used as a touch screen.

What is Servo Disposable Pet Pad Making Machine?

Servo Disposable PetPad Making Machine is connected with a servo motor to control speed. The servo motor is additionally integrated with the servo controller to control the servo motor’s operation.


Servo and Semi Servo Machine

Servo motor is involved in mitigating the required cost for changing the gearbox after almost two years.


There are thirty sets of motors connected to different parts of the machine. A complete servo machine with servo motors is expensive to purchase. So there is also an option for clients to select semi-servo machines for pad production.

In semi-servo machines, all motors will not be integrated with servo controls. Some specified motor with which servo controls remain connected, such as SAP and pulp feeding and arrangement wheel, etc. Usually, the pad size is adjusted from 600 to 900mm.


But if the length is to adjust above 900mm, the motor’s speed will increase as per-requisite. There is no need to change gear for speed in case of servo motor installation in the Disposable PetPad Making Machine.

What is the Frequency Disposable PetPad Making Machine?

A frequency Disposable PetPad Making Machine consists of a frequency motor for controlling speed instead of a servo motor. One machine consists of thirty sets of frequency motors.

But in these machines, the signals for frequency change are not precise and regulated as in the case of servo motor. It also requires a gearbox for controlling cutters.

Gearbox change frequency when the size of the product is changed. Sometimes, the gearbox break when the emergency machine is stopped directing the cutter to cut the pad edge of the wrong size instead of the accurate length.

Under Which Standardization a Disposable PetPad Making Machine is Manufactured?

A Disposable PetPad Making Machine is renowned for its standardized credibility and scientific structural design. Different equipment for machine construction is imported from world-famous brands.

The international standards which are followed for machine construction are CE standardization. CE license approval increases the reliability and durability of machines. ISO standardization is also kept in consideration.

Except for, all electrical parts of the machine are enlisted UL license assuring safety measures of the machine during operation.

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