How to Maintain your Sanitary Pad Machine

How to Maintain your Sanitary Pad Machine?


Maintenance of your Sanitary Pad Machine in the following ways is essential to keep it working correctly for a longer time:

  • The unit should be used as per the instructions given in the user manual.
  • Maintain a proper and stable electricity supply so that there is no additional load.
  • The machine should not be run 24/7 to prevent burning; therefore, the working hours should be decided.
  • Only a trained professional should be allowed to operate it.
  • There should be no more load than the given limit.

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How to Test the Performance of your Sanitary Pad Machine?

For testing the performance of your Sanitary Pad Machine, you can perform the following checks:


  • The allowed deviation in the dimension of the sanitary pads made by this machine shall comply with the GB / T 8939-2018 standards.
  • The lubrication of each component during the no-load operation shall be excellent, and there should be no oil leakage.
  • There should be no slipping between the tensioned synchronous belts.
  • It is essential to keep the operation of this Sanitary Pad Machine for 4 H from 80% of the maximum production speed. Also, all the safety devices and systems must be properly working.

What are the Safety Parameters When Using a Sanitary Pad Machine?


The primary safety parameters to consider while using your Sanitary Pad Machine include:

  • Proper safety devices must be installed on all exposed rotating sections of the machine.
  • Secondly, all electronic items must be installed and protected under GB 5226’s requirements.
  • The grounded terminals of electrical equipment must be trustworthy and well-marked.
  • As a third requirement, all buttons and switches must be responsive and reliable.
  • The power circuit conductor and precautionary grounding circuit must have a dielectric strength of at least 1ms.
  • AC 50Hz must be able to endure all electrical components, circuit wires, and safety grounded circuits. Flicker, arcing, and failure must be avoided during the voltage test at a voltage that is two times the rated power supply voltage of the electrical devices or at a value of 1000V.
  • An emergency stop control mechanism and interlocking protection device must be in place for your Sanitary Pad Machine to function.
  • A precise and dependable counting system, as well as a scrap-rejection mechanism, are required in the equipment.
  • Zero position protection is required for all mechanism controls. A manual procedure must be in place if the power supply is restored after the operation is stopped due to a defect or voltage loss.
  • Red flags like “beware of mechanical damage” and ” be aware of electric shock” should be placed in areas where there is a risk of injury, as well as on the door of the electrical control cabinet.

How to Lubricate your Sanitary Pad Machine?

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Ensure that the lubrication monitoring system of the Sanitary Pad Machine is strictly implemented and that the five fixed and three-level filtering standards are being followed.

The five filtering solutions include fixed point, time, quality, quantity, and person. The three-level filtration includes the oil receiving barrel and post-oil storage barrel. Then it goes from post-oil storage barrel to oil pot and refueling point.

At the same time, the lubricating parts and the oil tank need to be maintained with frequent cleaning and replacement of the oil. The personnel responsible for maintenance are required to carry out patrol inspections on the unit at the appropriate times.

Moreover, it is essential to understand and resolve any problems right after discovering them. Working with the operators ensures a high safety level is maintained during production.

How to Diagnose Frequent Faults in your Sanitary Pad Machine?


Diagnosing the technical faults in your Sanitary Pad Machine is essential and can be done in the following ways:

Start-Up Diagnosis:

The start-up diagnosis refers to the automatic system diagnosis done by the built-in diagnosis program, which is done every time you turn on the machine. This diagnosis also includes checking the control software, hardware, feeding, waste removal, and electrical systems.

The whole machine can operate nicely only when all the components are ready to support. If any fault or error occurs, the LED will present it in alarm mode.

Online Diagnosis

The self-diagnosis and checking of the system, along with all the servo unit, spindle motor, spindle servo unit, externally connected parts, and the whole device, are known as the online diagnosis. This diagnosis can only be continued when the Sanitary Pad Machine is powered off.


The Sanitary Pad Machine is primarily made up of stainless steel material, with some excellent features and specifications. It completes its sanitary pads manufacturing process with the camera system, conveying system, suction system, hot pressing system, dust removal system, and many others.

There should be a proper maintenance routine, timely cleaning, and regular inspection to see if all the components are working fine. It is necessary for the optimum working of your machine.

All our machinery complies with the needs of various standards, such as ISO 9001 and CE certifications. Our equipment’s 98% qualification rate elevates its value and competition in the whole market.

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