How Does a Sanitary Pad Machine Work

How Does a Sanitary Pad Machine Work

detail 5-semi servo sanitary pad machine

Today , let us talk about how  a sanitary pad machine work , and make sanitary pad .

Here are the process for sanitary pad machine working .

It is essential to understand the working of a Sanitary Pad Machine explained below:

Pulp Making

Selecting the soft pulp is the first step in manufacturing a sanitary pad. The soft pulp is a thin sheet you can get quickly from your supplier. The other option is to make your soft pulp with the pulverizing method.


The next step is using a carbon steel blade to de-fabricate the wood pulp. This step aims to get your required filament length of wood pulp.

Making the Pad

Now, carefully put the de-fabricated wood pulp into the core-forming machine. This machine compresses the whole pulp into the desired pad shape.

Sealing the Sides

Then, non-woven fabric is used to wrap the wood pulp properly. The most crucial step is properly sealing this pad, which can be done by the impulse sealing procedure.


The final step is to pack your sanitary pads into good-quality packaging material. Please ensure it is sealed and packaged well, so there are no chances of leakage.

What are the Different Parts of a Sanitary Pad Machine?

Different parts that work together to complete a Sanitary Pad Machine are:

  • Main motor
  • Ultrasonic system
  • Cutting roller
  • Embossing roller
  • Contactor
  • Switch
  • Counter
  • Pulling roll
  • Transister
  • Relay
  • Capacitance
  • Ultrasonic horn
  • Inverter

What are the Different Systems of a Sanitary Pad Machine?

Multiple systems that coordinate to form a Sanitary Pad Machine are:

  • Deviation correction system
  • Hot pressing system
  • Transmission system
  • Electrical system
  • Suction system
  • Feeding system
  • Phase adjustment system
  • Camera system
  • Conveying system
  • Tension control system
  • Sizing system
  • Waste removal system
  • Packaging system
  • Cooling system
  • Dust removal system


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