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Core Features

  • Ease of use and efficient glue application
  • Minimal cleaning requirements
  • Nozzle change in seconds
  • Easy expansion
  • Apply glue quickly and evenly
  • Side squeeze technology
  • No extensive training required
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Save 40-50% of glue

SQ machine - Glue Applicator - Glue Spaying Machine in China

If you’re in the packaging, construction, or electronics industry, you know that glue sprayer machines are a must-have equipment for manufacturing different products. The glue supply system combines with a high-precision automatic spray gun and the glue spraying machine controls the operation of the entire machine through PLC. Through the machine, the glue can be sprayed evenly on the product surface, and the thickness of the film is strictly controlled.

The glue spray machine is widely used in diapers, sanitary towels, shoes, furniture, packages, tapes, stickers, labels, and the mattress production line, etc. The spraying equipment has various advantages such as environmental protection, a high degree of automation, and high productivity.

At SQ machine, our primary focus is to provide you with the highest quality products at all times including glue spray machines while maintaining our reputation as one of the leading companies in the manufacturing adult diaper industry. We strive to provide you with durable and functional machines that are easy to use and maintain so that you can focus on expanding your business without worrying about correctly managing your equipment. In addition, our extensive know-how gives us an edge over our competitors, who may not have access to the same level of equipment or capabilities as us.

Our production lines have been sold not only to the domestic market but also to many foreign countries and areas like UAE, Korea, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, etc. This is because we are committed to creating high-quality products that are made with innovation.

For more information about adult diaper machines, don’t hesitate to contact us at or call +8613813312209.


structure-Adult-diaper-production line

production flow-adult diaper production line


High-Efficiency Glue Spraying Machine

The glue spraying machine system replaces the traditional roller gluing process and has the ability to spray different adhesives according to various application requirements. Using a high-speed electronic spray gun can greatly improve the accuracy of the glue spraying position and the overall performance of the glue spraying machine.

Only professionals with well-trained experts who have good knowledge of the performance and operations of the spraying machine can casually adjust and disassemble any part of the hot melt glue spraying machine.

SQ machine consistently insists on the management concept that quality is fundamental, and develops with innovation. Boasting a strong design and development team advanced CNC Longmen processing centers, and scientific management and quality control, our production lines have been sold not only to the domestic market but also to many foreign countries and areas like UAE, Russia, and Korea, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, etc.

Our glue spraying machines are available in various price ranges. You can buy a glue spraying machine according to your budget and requirements.

For more information about adult diaper machines, don’t hesitate to contact us at or call +8613813312209.

Q1. What is the strongest spray adhesive?

3M™ Hi-Strength 90 Spray Adhesive has the ability to extremely strong bonds on a wide array of materials, including polymers, paper, fabric, and insulation.

Q2. What are the advantages of a glue spray machine?

The main advantages of glue spray machine are:

  • The spray machine helps to spray glue evenly and different tracks can be adjusted to improve quality.
  • The use of a spray machine can save up to 40-50% of glue.
  • The machine is easy to use, personnel operation, and produce result with high efficiency.
  • The machine detects the width and height and automatically adjusts the glue spraying position.
Q3. What if the glue spray gets stuck?

The efficiency of the glue spraying machine will ensure that glue spraying does not get stuck and the quality is guaranteed. We used an imported hot melt glue box and nozzle are used.

Q4. What are the limitations of the automatic glue spray machine?

The glue spray machine can automatically adjust the height and width within the set range.

Q5. How does the glue spray machine work?

The glue spraying machine can spray the wet glue on the liner, vamp, or other parts evenly to ensure the binding result should so firm so it not separating and losing after binding.

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