full servo underpad machine
Full Servo Underpad Machine Supplier

DNW-CFD-SV Full Servo Underpad Making Machine


Technical Parameters
◎Model: DNW-CFD-SV
◎Designed speed: 220 M/Min
◎Real production Speed: 200 M/Min
◎Product size: L: (350-1500)mm x W(300-900)mm
◎Qualified rate: 99.99% (The rate is compared with qualified products with gross output products within7.5 hours)
◎Efficiency: ≥90%(The rate is compared the real output with principle output within 7.5 hours)
◎Installed capacity: 200KW(Including hot melt system)
◎Practical capacity: 140KW(Including hot melt system)
◎Electric power supply: Three-phase & four-wire 380V/50HZ(Ground wire)
◎Electric wire: 3x95mm2+1x25mm2+1x16mm2
◎Air compressor: >0.6Mpa, 1.8m3/min
◎Weight: about 70T
◎Noise: <85dB(A)
◎Machine size: (25x8x4)M
◎Working size: (29x10x5)M
◎Container: 3x40HQ+1x20GP

More Details

◎Single drum former device. Crusher can take both treated and untreated fluff pulp.
◎Fluff pulp feeding is controlled by a servo motor. Or air-laid paper can be used instead of fluff pulp to produce high-quality pads.
◎SAP feeding device. SAP is added mixed with fluff pulp and controlled by a servo motor. If use air-laid paper instead of fluff pulp, then the SAP feeding device can be used as a spare device.
◎Tissue paper double sides feeding units. If use air-laid paper instead of fluff pulp, then tissue paper is unnecessary use.
◎Net shape pressing device. Cylinder pressing.
◎Fluff core or air-laid paper position adjusting device
◎Fluff core or air-laid paper cutting device. Cylinder pressing.
◎Bottom film and top sheet materials feeding unit, Glue adding and fixing shape by pressing.
◎Pad vertical folding
◎Wastes rejection device
◎Pad crosswise folding
◎Auto-counting and arranging coming out. (The main machine can link with stacker machine to do automatic packing .)

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