Professional Dust Recycling Machine Supplier from China

Core Feature OF Dust Recycling Machine

  • Durability and flexibility
  • Ease of programming
  • Powder coating inside and out for indoor/outdoor placement.
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to customize
  • Coding machines help to save energy
  • Explosion Proofing
  • Personal Safety
  • Advanced technology

structure-Adult-diaper-production line

production flow-adult diaper production line


SQ machine – The Best Solution For Dust Recycling Machine

SQ machine has been playing a leading role in the recycling industry since 2000 and specialized in researching and developing disposable hygienic machine manufacturing, raw materials exporting, and sanitary products manufacturing.

SQ machine has been well acknowledged as one of the most respectful manufacturers of disposable hygiene product machines based on large-scale manufacturing, excellent technical strength, superior quality, and complete after-sales service. We always ensure to meet customers’ requirements in realizing their plans economically, efficiently, and accurately. The goal is to reuse the recycled material as new raw materials, like dust, pure metals plastics, etc.

SQ machine consistently insists on the management concept that quality is fundamental, and develops with innovation. Boasting a strong design and development team advanced CNC Longmen processing centers, and scientific management and quality control, our production lines have been sold not only to the domestic market but also to many foreign countries and areas like UAE, Russia, and Korea, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, etc.

Q1 - What is the function of recycling machine?

Dust recycling machines play a crucial role in transforming dust into valuable resources. One of the key components of these machines is the dust cleaning system. Its primary function is to eliminate contaminants present in the recyclable dust, ensuring a clean and high-quality output.

Q2 - What are the types of recycling?

Different types of recycling are:

Waste Paper/ Cardboard Recycling:  Recycling paper or cardboard is important to ensure you reduce environmental impact and unnecessary general waste.

Plastic Recycling: This needs to be recycled to decrease the waste sent to landfills and also help prevent rubbish and other waste from ending up in the oceans.

Metal Recycling: Metal recycling is vital to protect the environment. When you recycle your scrap metal, you are reducing unnecessary landfill, as landfill is extremely bad for the environment.

Electronic Devices Recycling: Need to recycle most WEEE waste, including TVs, computers, monitors, mobile phones, and electrical tools, aiming to prevent electrical items sent to landfills.

Wood/ Wood Dust Recycling: Wood recycling is an important process to reuse wood waste. Through this no or fewer trees need to be felled or cut off, which allows more carbon dioxide absorption and trees to grow.

Dust Recycling/ Dust Collection: Dust recycling or a dust collector removes dirt, dust, chemicals, and other gases from the air, providing you with cleaner air, which can provide numerous benefits.

Q3 - What are the benefits of recycling for various materials?

Recycling has many benefits, including:

Prevents pollution: Due to the extraction and processing of virgin materials vast amount of pollution is caused, recycling reduces the pollution impact.

Reduces emissions of greenhouse gas: Recycling prevents greenhouse gas emissions and water pollutants.

Reduces waste: Recycling lowers the amount of waste sent to incinerators and landfills.

Conserve energy: Recycling needs less energy to process the reused materials rather than to manufacture new ones.

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