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  • Improve labor productivity.
  • Ensure packaging quality.
  • Manage specialized requirements.
  • Reduce labor and improve working conditions.
  • Protect workers from dust and toxic products.
  • Prevent environmental contamination.
  • Reduce packaging costs.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Data collection and traceability.

Professional Diaper Packing Machine Manufacturer

The diaper industry needs high-performance flexible packaging solutions for baby diapers and disposable adult diapers. Products must be loaded quickly and safely for smooth end-of-line operations. DNW diaper packing machines are designed to work around project constraints and are simple for operators. Adapting to the diverse needs of case packing unique product requirements, the company utilizes innovative, high-speed, versatile systems to provide high-quality solutions.

DNW offers a wide variety of case packing equipment suitable for diaper packing, including high-speed, significant cases, case erectors, packers, sealers, top-loading case packing systems, and more. The machine uses a unique multi-servo case handling system that requires no manual adjustments for changeovers. DNW diaper packaging machine makes packing an efficient and effective process for the significant production of diaper products. When packaging cases of diaper products, it’s crucial to have a low-maintenance machine that is easy to operate and maintain.

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What are the Outstanding Features of a Diaper Packing Machine?

A Diaper Packing Machine has the most advanced features to allow a smooth packing process. Some of the features are given below:

  • It has a unique system for bag sealing, packing, and cutting diapers, nursing pads, soft pumping tissue, tissue package paper, and sanitary napkin bags.
  • There is an integrated process of packing and sealing. The machine consists of advanced PLC computer programming control, liquid crystal display text parameters, parameter settings, and heat wire.
  • It has high durability, more resistance to temperature, and adjustable height.
  • The packing speed is 10 to 18 packages per minute and is made of durable solid material, which promises a good structure with a convincing performance.

What are the Main Characteristics of a Diaper Packing Machine?

The main characteristics of the Diaper Packing Machine include the following:

  • It allows packing diapers, nursing napkins, tissues, sanitary napkins, and square paper packs, sealing, cutting, and blowing waste material.
  • Parameter-related systems are launched by PLC computer programming control. Its advantage is more precise control.
  • The machine is made of good quality material, heating wire, and highly durable heating tape, with convincing structure and performance and a cooling mechanism that protects the wire.
  • It can pack all sizes of a product and comes in various sizes itself.
  • The operation is simple and easy with minimum energy consumption.
  • It has low noise and low vibration function allowing smooth working.
adult diaper machine
adult diaper machine

What are the Technical Details of a Diaper Packing Machine?

The technical details of a Diaper Packing Machine include the following:

  • The capacity may have a range of 2000-2500 pouches per hour.
  • It is made of premium quality stainless steel material, making it highly resistant to damaging agents.
  • The voltage requirement is 220 V with power requirements of at least 3.5 kW.
  • It is an electrically driven automatic or semi-automatic machine that allows low energy consumption.
  • The packing speed varies with the machine and diapers, but the average packing speed is 15 bags per minute.
  • The maximum packing size is 470*410*150mm, and the minimum packing size is 120*100*90mm.
  • The air source is 0.4-0.6Mpa.

How to Selection Suitable Diaper Packaging Machine

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Adult Diaper Machine Production by CNC , Assembly all kind of spare part
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One Stop Raw Material Soltuion
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Factory Machine test , Thirdy part inspection available
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Diaper packing Solution

Diaper Packing Machine-A Complete FAQ Guide by DNW Machine.

A Diaper Packing Machine is a complete solution for fast and precise diaper packing in diaper manufacturing units. It is customized to deal with all types and different sizes so that it is sufficient for all the packing needs of a well-established unit.

It is available in semi-automatic and fully automatic types. You can consider it a one-time investment because it has low operation costs, is energy efficient, and dramatically reduces labor and management costs. It is equipped with various excellent features and specifications that can be useful for raising your revenues in a short time.

DNW Machine not only offers prime quality Diaper Packing Machine but also manufacture and supply baby diaper machine, adult diaper machine, and sanitary napkin machine worldwide. Our top-grade machinery requires less cleanliness and maintenance, providing hygienic and exact products, thus helping increase productivity.

Some of the features, benefits, and maintenance tips for the Diaper Packing Machine, etc., have been discussed in this FAQ Guide. So let’s start reading.


It is better to invest in a Diaper Packing Machine and save yourself from the hassle of managing a vast team of laborers dedicated to the job of packing. Also, the machine can perform the job more efficiently and quickly, thus directly increasing the efficiency.

Contact us and get your customized Diaper Packing Machine at a very affordable price. Our well-trained 24/7 online customer care staff is ready to resolve your queries.

What is a Diaper Packing Machine?

A Diaper Packing Machine is an automatic packing solution specifically designed to enhance production rates by reducing the time spent packing the diapers. It uses highly innovative technology to pack baby and adult diapers efficiently to increase the productivity of your application.

The diapers are wrapped and bundled together by conveyor belts and a strong vacuum to take minimum space. It also takes parts in cutting and molding the diapers to eliminate any faults and pack a seamless product through a check system.

The machine helps reduce the work that might take hours to minutes, thus reducing the labor cost and making the process more efficient and error-free.

There are semi-automatic and fully automatic machines available with variable features. The running cost is low, and there is a significant rise in the productivity and efficiency of your application. It ensures optimal product protection by allowing a maximum precision process.

What are the Major Components of a Diaper Packing Machine?

All the Diaper Packing Machine components work in close coordination to carry out the smooth packing process.

Some of the major components include:


  • Control system
  • Ac contactor
  • Motor
  • Relay
  • Air switch
  • Terminal row
  • Close switch
  • Optoelectronic switch


  • Cylinder
  • Solenoid
  • Speed control valve
  • Vacuum generator
  • The gas source processing element


  • Linear guide
  • Bearing
  • Stepper motor
  • Speed regulation motor
What are the Applications of a Diaper Packing Machine?

The application of a Diaper Packing Machine is mainly the diaper manufacturing unit that produces hundreds of diapers in a day. The packing machine makes it easier to pack under hygienic conditions, thus lowering the labor cost and increasing the manufacturing rate in return.

As the finished product is packaged and ready to be dispatched for shipping, there is more room for more manufactured diapers, thus increasing the work speed.

What are the Reasons for Using a Diaper Packing Machine?

A Diaper Packing Machine is used for the following reasons:

Easy Packing

As it offers automatic feeding, sealing, number entering, and compact packing, the whole packing process becomes much more convenient and quick.

Easy Operation

Due to the PLC control system, user-friendly interface, high degree of automation, and efficient motor and conveyor system, the machine seems more humanized and convenient to use.

Wear and Tear Protection

It allows maximum protection against its parts’ wear and tear, which can be caused by overload, long-running hours, frictions, and electrostatic discharge. It is equipped with a torque overload protector and many transmission systems.

Photoelectric Detection

An automatic photoelectric detection helps to allow a safe packing process without the risk of an electrostatic discharge. It can be hazardous because the body is made up of stainless steel material.

Vacuum Suction Cup

A vacuum suction cup eliminates all the air from the packaged material. The vacuum helps to seize the growth of microorganisms and fungi, thus making the product more sustainable and hygienic.

Also, as the air is drawn out, the side of the package is significantly reduced. It makes the packing more convenient, easy to ship, and simple to handle.

Time Saver

The machine packages far more packages than a team of ten members would do. It is fast and precise, making the packing process far less time-consuming, thus increasing the overall productivity.

What Types of Diapers can be Packed Using a Diaper Packing Machine?

Many different types of diapers can be packed using a Diaper Packing Machine. It can deal with different sizes as well. Some of the types are written below:

  • Disposable diapers
  • Cloth diapers
  • Biodegradable diapers
  • Training diapers
  • Baby diapers
  • Adult diapers
  • Swim pants diapers
What are the Safety Instructions for Using the Hot Melt Adhesive Machine with your Diaper Packing Machine?

When you use a hot melt adhesive machine with your Diaper Packing Machine, electric circuits are installed in every part, including the glue machine, heating pipes, and spray guns which increases the risk of danger. So a professional should be hired for its maintenance.

Following safety measures should be taken before its maintenance check:

  • To avoid burning, the professional should wear safety gloves and goggles before touching the molten adhesive.
  • Inside pressure should be relieved before loosening and opening the system and pipe joints.
  • All the heated components should be soaked in heated R solvent to avoid damage.

The standards for hot melt adhesive machines and Diaper Packing Machine systems should be as follows:


  • To extend the life and reduce carbonization, the temperature of the glue cylinder should be kept in a specified range, i-e, 150-160 Celsius. It should not exceed 170 Celsius.
  • The glue should be sprayed every 2 hours to reduce the operating temperature. If it exceeds four hours, the machine’s power should be cut.
  • 220/380V, +-10% should be the supply voltage.
  • The air pressure supply should not be less than 5 bar and be free of any oil or dust particles. The fluctuation in the air pressure should not be more than 1.5bar. The standard pressure for a pump is 2-4 bar.
  • The glue should be added in small quantities several times. The glue level in the glue box should be checked intermittently, and the same height should be kept.
  • The ideal liquid level in a glue cylinder is neither above ⅔ nor less than ½.
  • Glue cylinders should be kept clean at any cost. Any impurity entering the glue cylinder is prohibited and should be covered immediately after adding glue. Bags in the hot melt adhesives should be kept cleaned and sealed.
  • Keep the nozzle clean after blockage and ensure cleanliness from time to time for standard pressure and flow.
What are the Benefits of the Diaper Packing Machine?

Using a Diaper Packing Machine is much more beneficial than using labor. It is not just more affordable but also requires little maintenance. The cost of manufacturing and management is also significantly reduced.

Program Planning

You can divert the packing process to the manual side if an automatic packing machine goes through a transitional phase or maintenance. It helps to resume work even when the machine is not functioning.

Precision in Packing

All the diapers are packed into sets that can be later shipped off. Each bag has a set number of diapers as programmed by the central control system, thus eliminating the chance of error.


How to Maintain your Diaper Packing Machine?

Preventive maintenance is the best way to maintain any machine. A Diaper Packing Machine needs regular maintenance for optimal production and working. Preventive machine maintenance saves you from many unexpected major or minor problems and product loss. It includes the following steps:

Regular Inspection

  • Inspection includes regular check-ups of the worn parts and changing them regularly.
  • High-quality wear parts should be used and kept in stock.
  • Regular lubrication to reduce the friction between sliding parts.
  • These kinds of preventive measures require excellent skills and expertise and should be carried out only by a highly qualified and well trained professional.

Combination with Autonomous Maintenance Task

  • You can combine easy task-based activities with machine maintenance that professionals should do from time to time.
  • Professionals assign different activities to operators that should be performed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and biannually. These simple activities primarily include visual cues that help them know the machine more efficiently.

Spare Parts

  • High wear parts are the parts that have a short life cycle. Medium wear parts are those parts that have a longer life cycle. And low wear parts are the parts that never fail in the life span of that equipment. So you should go for a one-time investment and purchase low-wear parts in the first place.

Upgradation and Obsolescence Plan

  • Like software, packing machines require an upgrade or replacement when a specific part no longer supports the system.
  • Communication with the packing machine manufacturer is essential. They can guide you about the upgrade or obsolescence of a specific part so that you can arrange it in advance and avoid any loss.
How to Ensure Proper Safety of your Diaper Packing Machine?

If you determine the explosion parameters for your Diaper packing Machine, you will find out that the cellulose dust, when mixed with air, can cause an explosion. It is the most significant risk related to the packing machine, which is based on the content of the diapers.

Electrostatic Discharge Explosion

As the package system progresses, a lot of free electric discharge can cause a spark. The spark can initiate fire which can further cause significant damage. Therefore the following systems must be ready at all times to detect any change in temperature and signal any hazard.

  • Fire detection and alarm system
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Explosion protection
  • Sound alarm system
  • Flame arresters
  • Spark extinguishing system
What are the Common Faults of Diaper Packing Machine?

The most common faults in a Diaper Packing Machine are given below:

Packing Bags Fault

It means the packing bags are not readily available to wrap and pack the diapers or fail to open.

The possible cause of all these faults include:

  • The sensor is dirty.
  • There is some problem with the vacuum generator or vacuum pad.
  • An obstruction can be present in the solenoid valve or air valve.
  • A foreign body is in the hose, or the hose is broken.

Defective Sealing

It causes the packing to be uneven, weak, or wrinkled, disturbing the vacuum. It can be caused by:

  • The surface of the sealing bar is dirty or irregular.
  • The sealing temperature is either too high or too low.
  • The sealing bar pressure is inaccurate, or the packing bag is not positioned correctly.
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