Choosing the Best Sanitary Pad Making Machine – A Checklist

Full servo quick easy package wing shape sanitary napkin machine

Sanitary pads are one of the vital products for women, and with the increase in awareness about feminine hygiene, the demand for quality sanitary pads is increasing daily. To overcome this demand, many companies have started investing in the sanitary pad production business which also causes the increasing demand for, the manufacturing of sanitary pad machines.

Choosing a quality sanitary pad-making machine is a crucial step for any business that aims to produce high-quality sanitary pads.

SQ Machine is one of the innovative award-winning companies in China that supplies a full range of hygiene product production lines and design machines based on customers’ individual requirements. At SQ Machine we can manufacture pull-up baby diaper machines, zero waste elastic back ear baby diaper machines, full elastic waistband baby diaper machines, classic I-shape baby diaper machines, pull-up incontinence pants machines, classic I-shape adult diaper machines, sanitary napkin machines, panty liner machines, underpad machines, puppy pad machines, breast pad machines, etc.

Our experts on the field have curated a “Checklist to help New Entrepreneurs in selecting the best machines”:

Machine Components:

Thermal + Glue sealing:

Always rely on thermal and gluing sealing, as ultrasonic sealing is risky as many times and does not provide a good sealing strength.

Position glue machine:

SQ Machine  comes with a position glue machine which avoids the high cost of raw material, and the risk factor problems.

Continuous core / intermittent core:

SQ Machine produces sanitary pads with intermittent cores. There is a saving in raw material in the intermittent core and also it gives good sealing along the complete boundary of the pad.

Machine speed true to the commitment:

Our machines contain auto-web aligners which help each raw material to keep in its place while running at high speed and minimize the rejection and can be operated by semi-skilled operators.

Machine Upgradation Feasibility:

As compared to other economy machine models, our machines can be upgraded in the future for speed and features, shape, and size of the pads.

Inline tri-folding possibility:

SQ Machine including sanitary pad machines can be equipped with in-line automatic tri-folding features as per the requirement of the buyer and also save labor cost and labor dependency.

Training on Raw material and unit economics:

Our expert team guides the buyers on the right selection of raw materials and keeps the unit economics at its best with superior quality pads.

Dedicated and experienced Technician for after-sales service:

SQ Machine has a dedicated after-sales service team and assigns a dedicated technician generally the same who installs the machine. Buyers can always be in touch with this technician for any technical issues.

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