How to manufacture a tissue machine

full automatic wet wipe tissue machine (2)

What is the Manufacturing Method Involved in a Tissue Machine? The manufacturing method involved in a Tissue Machine is described below: It starts by making a web of wood fibers further dewatered by ongoing solid content. The solid content is 0.1-0.5%. The Tissue Machine is different from paper making machine because of the length and …

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What is a Pad Machine

sanitary pad machine

A Pad Machine is the equipment used to produce menstrual pads that get included in the essential female health and hygiene products. It compromises five central units that work collectively to make pads efficiently. A cotton or pulp pulverizer is present that works at a speed of 100kg per hour and gets powered by a …

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What is a Diaper Machine

semi-servo adult diaper machine

A Diaper Machine is an innovative solution for superior quality diaper manufacturing and is available in fully automatic and semi-automatic configurations. It has a leading design with quality control, PLC control, and a smooth manufacturing process, designed according to the highest universal standards. It is a high-performance machine suitable for diaper manufacturing units with varying …

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