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As a leading manufacturer of baby diaper machines in China, Shengquan Machinery (SQ in short) provides a complete solution for various media. You can rely on SQ to provide technical support for baby diaper machines during installation and usage regardless of whether you are an end-user or an engineering company. A wide variety of SQ baby diaper machines are used in the diaper making industry.

A combination of hardware and software breakthroughs has enabled SQ to create the most advanced and intelligent baby diaper machines manufacturing facility in the world. SQ is one of China’s leading valve and process instrument manufacturers. SQ is your one-stop-shop for all your baby diaper machine needs worldwide, with ISO certification, fast delivery, and a wide product range.

SQ your One-Stop Baby Diaper Machine Solution from China

SQ manufactures highly reliable, durable, and high-performance baby diaper machines designed and customized for every industrial need. In addition, the SQ baby diaper machine is a highly automated machine that significantly improves the diaper production efficiency and quality.

Diapers are daily necessities commonly used by babies. A disposable diaper consists of a sanitary napkin fit in between two sheets of nonwoven fabric. The pad is specially designed to absorb and retain bodily fluids and the non-woven fabric gives the diaper a comfortable shape and helps prevent leaks. These diapers are made using a multi-step process. The absorbent pad is first vacuum-formed, then attached to a permeable top sheet and an impermeable bottom sheet. Then the components are sealed together by applying heat or ultrasonic vibration. Then the elastic fibers are connected to the sheets to gather the edges of the diaper into the correct shape to comfortably fit the baby’s legs and groin. When done correctly, the disposable diaper will retain bodily fluids that pass through the porous top sheet and are absorbed into the pad.

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Semi-servo Bady diaper machine

Features Of A Baby Diaper Machine

  • Easy disposal of products once manufacturing is done
  • Safety production units including safety doors, emergency stops, and many others
  • High precision rate with incorporated parts under CNC processing unit
  • PLC control system with a humanistic design
  • The high stable transmission system
  • Automatic working

Advantage Of A Baby Diaper Machine

  • Automatic inhibition when the material is broken or used
  • Single processing of machine wallboard by the large gantry milling machine
  • High, quick, convenient, and easy to manage the production line
  • Less noise production
  • Easy to adjust in different areas
  • High precision rate and accuracy of the manufacturing unit
  • Available at competitive market rates
Full servo bady diaper machine

SQ Your One-Stop Baby Diaper Machine Solution from China

1 Bady diaper shape -baby diaper machine
Confirm what structure diaper you need , you can send samples or drawing
2 Design -baby diaper machine
Design based on clients diaper structure and machine speed
3 Production- baby diaper machine
Raw material process by CNC Machine , high quality peumatic device
4 Raw material selection- baby diaper machines
One stop Raw material Selection including pulp , woven etc
Finished machine Test-bady diaper machine
Factory Test , client can come to factory to inspect test result , factory trainning
baby diaper machines
Carefully packing and export delivery


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Why Should You Choose SQ For Buying A Baby Diaper Machine?

  1. SQ has decades of experience manufacturing and supplying high-quality baby diaper machines.
  2. Our excellent quality baby diaper-making machines can work under high temperatures and aggressive industrial units.
  3. We deal with up-front prices to provide the best quality baby diaper machines.
  4. Our baby diaper-making machines are supplied with a manufacturing manual to deal with all issues while installing the machinery.
  5. Our experienced engineers and technical team members also offer maintenance tips to improve the shelf-life of machinery.
  6. We have hundreds of trusted customers across the globe who choose us repeatedly to purchase the best quality baby diaper machines.

SQ can provide you with the tools you need to revolutionize your business processes and get more done. Contact us and let’s work together. Reach out to one of our experienced engineering teams today, and we’ll find custom-tailored solutions that meet your needs. Feel free to let us know about any special requirements your business has and we’ll work on coming up with custom solutions for you.

The Bottom Line:

We hope this guide has provided sufficient information to customize a baby diaper machine. These machines are highly efficient for making the best quality diapers at affordable rates. These machines are highly accurate to work in challenging industrial environments.

Keep visiting our website to order high-quality customized baby diaper-making machines!

What Is A Baby Diaper Machine?

A baby diaper machine is an automated high-performance diaper-making equipment. It uses modern technology to ensure high productivity, efficiency, conversion rate, and stability. It is also suitable for small and large-scale industrial units. However, baby diaper machines can also make feminine napkins, underpads, and adult diapers. These machines have different output capacities, including less than 500 units per minute, between 500 to 1000 units per minute, and above 1000 units per minute. There are prominent manufacturers of baby diaper machines, and SQ is one of them. If you want to purchase affordable diaper-making machines, please contact SQ for high-quality products.

What Are The Main Components Of A Baby Diaper Machine?

The main components of a baby diaper machine include:

  1. PLC control with touch screen
  2. Quality control system
  3. Pulp unwinding stand
  4. SAP applicator
  5. Core embossing unit
  6. ADL splitting device
  7. Anatomic R cutting unit
  8. Safety door
  9. Bag type dust collection unit
  10. Rejection gate
  11. Tri-folding device
  12. Final cross-cutting unit
  13. Longitudinal folding device
  14. Side tape applicator
  15. Elastic ribbon unwinding unit
  16. Frontal tape applicator
  17. Elastic tape applicator
  18. Cell mill with single in-feeding pulp
  19. Single drum forming for constant core formation
  20. Tissue wrapping device
  21. Core cutting unit
  22. Back sheet and NW lamination device
  23. Bag type dust collection unit

Please message us if you want to customize a baby diaper machine for your industrial unit.

What Is A Four-Step Procedure For Making Diapers By A Baby Diaper Machine?

The baby diaper machine follows four-step procedures. Baby diaper-making machine uses a number of production equipment, including fans, recycling machine, crushers, forming drums, pressure rollers, unwinding machine, automatic packing, and sorting machine, and stacking machine. It includes:

1# Forming and wrapping procedure

2# Installation of the absorbent core

3# Installation of three-dimensional leak-proof accessories

4# Finished process packing procedure

It is a standard four-step procedure for making diapers. However, the procedure may vary according to baby diaper machines’ accessories and manufacturing equipment. You can contact SQ to get more information about the manufacturing procedures of baby diaper machines.

What Are The Features Of A Baby Diaper Machine?

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How Does A Baby Diaper Machine Make Diapers?

The absorbent pad is made on a moveable conveyer belt. The pressurized nozzles in a baby diaper machine spray polymer fiber or fibrous material onto the surface of the conveyor. These fibers form a flat pad by applying a vacuum at the bottom of the chamber. Then, it proceeds to the level roller near the outlet of the forming chamber. It creates a uniform thickness. The plastic resin uses the meltblown process to develop sheets of nonwoven fabric as a wide roll called “web.” It is cut into the appropriate width and passes through the assembly line. After this, stretched elastic bands are attached to the backing sheet with adhesive material. Once assembled, it causes elastic band contraction and gathers diapers to minimize leakage or ensure a perfect fit.

What Is The Purpose Of A Web Guiding Control System In A Baby Diaper Machine?

There are different materials for making diapers. Some of them have different granular states, melting points, stretch rates, and flow states. The production machinery of a baby diaper machine has soft coils that reduce energy consumption, and raw material consumption, improve product quality, enhance speed, reduce tension, and reduce the number of failures. The modern manufacturing quality system is incorporated with a corrective control system that guarantees fast response time, accuracy, and stable work. The web guiding control system chooses a customized strategy for processing different manufacturing materials without wasting time, energy, and efficiency. Be in touch with us if you want to know more about technical requirements in detail.

What Is The Role Of Servo-Motor Control System In A Baby Diaper Machine?

An integrated servo-motor control system completes multiple processes with high accuracy, speed, efficiency, and reduced downtime. In high-efficiency diaper-making machines, actuators are replaced by servo-motor control systems to improve their working. Its installation in a baby diaper machine simplifies multiple processes, including actuator transmission, assembly of the production line, speed adjustment, and installation of transmission points. However, it requires a program to complete technological functions. This programming ensures accurate conversion of the function point. Get to know more about the technical requirements of a servo-motor control system, please feel free to share your queries with us.

What Is The Function Of Hot Melt Machine Linked To Baby Diaper Machine?

Diapers are coated with multiple raw materials. Hot melt machine functions as an adhesive to wrap, bound, and compound the raw materials. The genuine rate of the diaper and stable production of a baby diaper machine determines the quality and rate of failure in the melter. That’s why melter is an integral part of a diaper-making machine. A hot melt machine finds an accurate location, optimal melting temperature, thermal insulation control, sensitivity, and accuracy of high precision nozzles. It controls the entire coating process without facing downtime, low frequency, low speed, or poor wrapping of materials on the surface of diapers.

What Is The Role Of Fluff-Pulp Board Crusher In A Baby Diaper Machine?

The primary purpose of a fluff-pulp board crusher in a baby diaper machine is to fully lift a fluffy pulp on the forming roller during air delivery. Hence, a fluff-pulp board crusher avoids lump formation, the presence of hard blocks, and the presence of broken waists to create a comfortable feel to touch while using the machine. This machine works at high speed with an excellent conversion rate. However, its only disadvantage is the loud noise. It uses high-speed and wear-resistant saw blades to make high-quality pulp, extended replacement cycles, and uniform material quality. Get more information about the fluff-pulp board crusher from SQ.

Which Materials Are Required For Making Diapers In A Baby Diaper Machine?

The selection of material for making diapers depends on the industrial requirements and type of diapers. As baby diapers are specifically designed for sensitive skin, choosing the raw materials that cause no allergic reactions wisely is essential. The high-quality baby diaper machine uses the below-mentioned standardized materials for making excellent quality diapers.

  • Fluff pulp
  • Nonwoven fabric
  • Tissue paper
  • Film
  • SAP
  • Glue
  • ADL
  • Elastic webbing
  • Front tape
  • Side belt
  • Waist belt

You can also use other kinds of materials for manufacturing high-quality baby diapers. So want to know more about the selection of manufacturing materials, please contact us immediately for personalized information.

How To Choose The Best Baby Diaper Machine?
  1. Always choose a baby diaper machine that shows stable production, low failure rate, and high-quality products.
  2. Always pay attention to the high accuracy of the manufactured machine parts plus the stability of the assembly line.
  3. Always estimate the overall quality of the machine by evaluating its configurations with other diaper-making machines available in the market.
  4. Before buying a baby-making machine, always pay attention to different components, including PCL, touch screen, web guiding control system, fluff pulpboard crusher, frequency conversion rate, and servo-motor control system.
  5. Always compare the prices of the available baby-diaper-making machines to choose the best for your industrial unit.
What Are Essential Technical Parameters To Focus On Before Buying A Baby Diaper Machine?

The important technical parameters of a baby diaper machine include:

  1. Production speed and maximum production speed
  2. Required power supply for accurate working of machine excluding glue applicator and air compressor
  3. Power
  4. Compressed air for channelizing the system
  5. Total weight of the machine
  6. Dimensions including length, weight, and height

However, these technical parameters vary according to different industrial requirements. You should inform your manufacturer to design a customized baby diaper machine to meet your industrial requirements. SQ is a certified company that can manufacture high-quality baby diaper-making machines by analyzing your requirements and budget.

What Are The Causes Of Hydraulic System Failure In A Baby Diaper Machine?

The hydraulic system in a baby diaper machine undergoes pipeline explosion, joint leakage, valve blockage in the hydraulic system, burning of solenoid valve coil, and excessive noise production in high-temperature environments. Usually, short circuit fault or cracking occurs in an aged circuit during the summer season. Similarly, electric components of the control cabinet also face failure under high temperatures. Likewise, slow operation speed, control failure, and other types of losses may occur in control components of the industrial control units during high temperatures. It is mandatory to identify the root cause of the problem to fix the failures. However, temperature monitoring helps to avoid multiple failures in a hydraulic system.

Why Does Lubrication System Failure Occur In A Baby Diaper Machine?

The leading causes of lubrication system failure in a baby diaper machine are as follows:

  1. Long-term working of the baby diaper-making machine under high industrial temperature
  2. Oil deterioration
  3. Wear of chassis
  4. Failure in the transmission system
  5. The chemical reactivity of the paint layer or metal structure

Please let us know if you encounter any of the above-mentioned failures in the lubrication system. SQ has a team of experienced engineers and technicians that deal with multiple problems to improve the functioning of a baby diaper machine. Reach out to us to get the best tips for improving the functioning of the baby diaper-making machine.

How To Maintain A Baby Diaper Machine In Summer Season?

1# On-Site Emergency Treatment:

High-temperature causes are boiling in a baby diaper machine. In such conditions, you should immediately stop the operation, open the shutter to increase airflow, allow releasing water bubbles, gradually reduce water temperature, and idle the engine.

2# Addition Of Coolant:

Always try to use the same type of coolant as the water radiator. Avoid using water. Always wait until the water temperature drops to 70C while adding coolant to the radiator. Keep the engine idle and slowly add water to it.

3# Avoid Over Heating:

Avoid overheating brake or other components because it results in the deformation and cracking of components. Avoid using water to cool the system because it reduces the shelf-life of the system.

Why Lubrication Is Important For Working Of A Baby Diaper Machine?

Lubrication prevents failure, reduces friction, and ensures regular operation. It maintains efficient transmission of raw materials that boosts a baby diaper machine’s accuracy, service life, and performance. Always choose a high-quality lubricant and determine the temperature of your industrial unit. In the summer season, lubrication time is 0.5-1 times shorter than in winter or spring. Likewise, oil runs 20 times more quickly under high temperatures than in cold temperatures. That’s why it is essential to adjust lubrication time to maintain the accurate working of the system. If you need to know more about suitable lubricants for a baby diaper machine, get in touch with us immediately.

What Are Safety Instructions For Efficient Working Of A Baby Diaper Machine?

You should follow the below-mentioned safety instructions for efficient working of a baby diaper machine:

  1. Always follow the instruction manual and industry safety standards for installing a baby diaper machine.
  2. Always hire a trained technician to install, maintain, and operate baby diaper-making machines.
  3. Always develop a datasheet to maintain the efficient working of baby diaper-making machines under all industrial conditions.
  4. Always rectify all failures to prevent large-scale damage to baby diaper machines.
  5. Always check power supply, production speed, dimensions, material, the weight of the machine, and production speed.

Stay in touch with us for more safety instructions.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Baby Diaper Machine?


  1. A baby diaper machine has high production speed with accuracy and precision.
  2. It can quickly dispose of material after the completion of one cycle.
  3. These machines are relatively simple and convenient to manage.
  4. These machines require no expertise to operate.


  1. A baby diaper machine produces excessive noise that can be detrimental to human health.
  2. The baby diaper-making machines require large room for installation.
  3. It requires special equipment to meet your industrial requirements.
  4. These machines are relatively more expensive than other manufacturers in the market.

Stay in touch with us to order a highly customized baby diaper machine at competitive market rates.

How To Increase Shelf Life Of A Baby Diaper Machine?

If you want to increase the shelf life of a baby diaper machine, follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Use a high-quality lubricant to ensure efficient working of all components of the machine
  • Carefully monitor the industrial working conditions to avoid damage
  • Regularly follow the maintenance of the machine to reduce repairs or failures
  • Avoid cracking or deformation by maintaining accurate working conditions
  • Maintain accurate power supply, production speed, channelizing of compressed air, and size of nozzles
  • Accurately install all components to minimize the risk of failure or damage

If you have ordered a customized baby diaper manufacturing machine, you can ask for personalized tips to increase the shelf life of the system.

What Are Our After-Sale Services For A Baby Diaper Machine?

We offer the below-mentioned after-sales services to maintain the accurate working of a baby diaper machine.

  • Tips for maintenance of spare parts
  • Selection of the best raw materials for making high-quality baby diapers
  • Guidance for technicians working in your industrial unit for accurate working of the machine
  • Offer lifetime services to improve working efficiency
  • Provide excellent guidance for precise installation of the machine
  • Provide personalized guidance to maintain the working capacity, speed, and production time

Please contact us for customized information to improve a baby diaper-making machine’s working, capacity, processing, and shelf life.

What Is The Average Price Of A Baby Diaper Machine?

The average price of a baby diaper machine is $360,000.00-$560,000.00/Set. These prices are comparative with other manufacturers in the market. However, the average cost of baby diaper-making machines varies as per shared specifications and requirements. SQ deals with high-quality machines available at the best price by strictly following the manufacturing standards. We follow ISO9001 international quality standards. Our prices are comparatively affordable to other manufacturers in the market. Please let us know about your specifications for manufacturing highly affordable baby diaper machines. Stay in touch with us to find exciting deals to customize a baby diaper machine.

How Can You Order A Customized Baby Diaper Machine?

It is straightforward to order a customized baby diaper machine. SQ is a reliable manufacturer of baby diaper machines in China. You can visit our website or call us for order confirmation. However, you must provide us with relevant information about the quality control system, PLC control panel, core unit, safety door, collection unit, cutting unit, tape applicator, splitting device, and folding device. The customization rates may vary as per the shared specifications of the customers. Our customized baby diaper machines are more economical than other manufacturers. Please contact us to order customized baby diaper machines available at the best price.

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