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Adult Diaper Machine Export Solution

  • High-speed diaper machine.
  • High performance.
  • Can produce three specification diapers (L, M, S)
  • It can produce economic and high-grade diapers with a cozy and leak-proof design.
  • Convenient packaging.
  • Fast and efficient.
  • Flexible and easy operation.

SQ your One-Stop Adult Diaper Machine Solution from China

Shengquan Machinery (SQ in short) specializes in researching and developing disposable adult diaper machines, exporting raw materials, and manufacturing. SQ has been well acknowledged as one of the most respectful manufacturers of disposable hygiene products machines based on large-scale manufacturing, excellent technical strength, superior quality, and complete after-sales service. SQ can manufacture more than sixty models of adult diaper machines. SQ can also supply different grades of raw materials for production. SQ has got ISO 9001 and CE certificates and has won a lot of national and provincial awards.

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Features Of An Adult Diaper Machine

  • Different size options
  • Optimum pad integrity due to high-quality core
  • A gravimetric loss-in-weight system with SAP application
  • Ultrasonic, hot melt glue, or thermo-sealing for making cuffs offline
  • Different combinations are available, including elastic/rigid or zero waste/low waste

Advantage of An Adult Diaper Machine

  • Easy to reform and upgrade
  • The core is SAP and pulp absorbent
  • Precise SAP feeding
  • Image detection system, spot detection system, and metal detection system
  • Electric programs offer remote maintenance
  • HMI interface touch screen and PLC
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Features of An Adult Diaper Machine

  • Dust collector
  • Saving raw materials due to I-shaped or T-shaped brief products
  • During the processing, the core dimensions remain unchanged
  • Customization options depending upon your application requirements
  • Modular and flexible design

SQ Your One-Stop Baby Diaper Machine Solution from China

Adult diaper shape- adult diaper machine
Confirm what structure diaper you need , you can send samples or drawing
Design -adult diaper machine
Design based on clients diaper structure and machine speed
Production- adult diaper machine
Raw material process by CNC Machine , high quality peumatic device
Raw material selection- adult diaper machines
One stop Raw material Selection including pulp , woven etc
Finished machine Test-adult diaper machine
Factory Test, client can come to factory to inspect test result, factory trainning
Shipping-adult diaper machines
Carefully packing and export delivery



Adult Diaper Machine-A Complete FAQ Guide by SQ Machine.


Adult Diaper Machine is a highly efficient manufacturing unit that makes different adult diaper varieties for absorbing and retaining the large liquid capacity for adults who cannot hold their urine.

Adult diapers are used in several medical conditions like mobility impairment, dementia, etc. Such problems involve weakening the muscles of the urinary bladder or the inability of the person to use the restroom.

SQ Machine takes care of the needs of people suffering from these problems. We have a diverse Adult Diaper Machine variety, each responsible for manufacturing specific diaper types to meet particular individual’s needs.

The main difference lies in the style of product required, including the pull-over, disposal, padded diaper, etc. Other high-quality equipments on our website are an under pad machine, sanitary napkin machine, and panty liner machine.

This FAQ guide mentions everything you need to know about an Adult Diaper Machine. These detailed answers will help you better understand this machine, its features, benefits, etc. let’s start it.



Over the past few years, a significant increase in the demand for adult diapers has led to variation and advancement in the old manufacturing process. Now you can get more diverse features, modern technological innovations, and improved efficient performance in your Adult Diaper Machine.

To look at some excellent affordable and efficient options, contact SQ Machine. Our reliable customer help desk is always available to listen to your queries.

What is an Adult Diaper Machine?

An Adult Diaper Machine is a special equipment that works efficiently for high-grade, economic, and regular adult diaper production. Three sizes are usually preferable for adults, including the medium, large and extra-large. You can also customize the size depending upon your need.

It uses stereo-protection complex materials, which pass on to the complete automatic semi-servo unit after molding. You can also regulate the rubber band extension by varying with your demand. It is possible to adjust the quality of the fluff pulp and SAP to easily change the raw material, the side tape, and the frontal tape out-set from the main machine.

Different systems are in the Adult Diaper Machine, responsible for carrying out their specific role in the manufacturing process.

Some central systems include an automatic tension control system, automatic rejection system, raw materials automatic unwinding system, automatic splicing system, and automatic web guard system.

What are the Specifications of an Adult Diaper Machine?

The specifications of an Adult Diaper Machine are:

  • Up to 450 m/min of linear speed
  • 85% uptime efficiency
  • L: 400-1,050 mm × W: 400-850 mm product dimensions
  • Up to 450 pcs/min of production speed
  • 50/60 Hz + N + P + 3 phases 220/480 Vac electric power supply
  • 12,500 × 23,500 x 5,300 mm (W×L×H) overall dimensions
  • 6 bar/3,000 Nl/min consumption/compressed air supply
  • 330-600 kW installed/consumed electric power
  • CE safety standard
  • Extra-large, large, and medium sizes are available
  • 150 ppm production speed which you can upgrade by adding adhesive
  • 130-145 tons total weight
  • Automatic rotary filter
  • Less than del 3% of waste
  • Automatic splice with two separate disk mill
  • Cut and place applicator and acquisition layer jumbo rolls unwinder
  • SAP applicator
  • Fly splice with poly back sheet full speed
  • Core processor with main pad pocket drum former (along with three sizes wheel)
  • Fly splice with non-woven cuffs unwinder full speed
  • For the tape two, cut and place the applicator on both sides
  • Fly splice with non-woven top sheet unwinder full speed
  • Longitudinal folder
  • Three modules, a leg cutting station, and two rotary dies
  • Final cutting station
  • Two lycra filaments on each side bonded with cuffs adhesive
  • Bagger and stacker alpha system with one exit for manual bagging and one automatic exit
  • Siemens drive and PLC
  • Hot melt tank for ADL
  • 12 bags per minute is the maximum limit
  • Four cuff pumps
  • Inverter control techniques
  • Touch screen operator panel
  • Coating gun for the top sheet
  • Large alarm display
  • Wetness indicator
  • For the fan and disk mil, soundproof cabins are available
What are the Main Technical Parameters of an Adult Diaper Machine?

The main technical parameters of an Adult Diaper Machine are:

  • ≥97% passing rate
  • ≈600KW installed power
  • 600mm center line distance
  • ≥86% production efficiency
  • ≥85% is the efficiency
  • The lower layer works as the back sheet
  • 6 – 0.8 MPA working pressure
  • 60mm steel square bar frame
  • 30mm face board
  • 1100 mm driven cabin
  • The upper layer works as the absorbent layer ±5% is the product weight tolerance
  • Pedal equipped
What are the Major Components of an Adult Diaper Machine?

The major components of an Adult Diaper Machine include:

  • Core processor
  • Hot-melt system
  • Cellulose pulp stand
  • SAP dosing system
  • Bi-folding/tri-folding unit
  • Flat or 3D drum former
  • Take-away drum
  • Reject system
  • Back sheet unwinder
  • Cuff elastic unwinder
  • Cut and slip unit with acquisition layer unwinder
  • Progressive belt press
  • Hammer mill or compact disc mill with double inlet
  • Top sheet unwinder
  • Press/pulling unit
  • Leg cuff creating a system
  • Leg elastic unwinder
  • Disc applicator with elastic waistband unwinder
  • Final cutting unit
  • Longitudinal folder
  • Rotary die
  • Full servo-motion system
What are the Excellent Benefits of an Adult Diaper Machine?

The excellent benefits of an Adult Diaper Machine are:

High Production Rate

It has a high production rate and can manufacture hundreds of diapers in a minute.

Simple Manufacturing Process

You don’t have to worry about a complicated manufacturing process as it is effortless. You have to provide raw materials as the input, adjust the production settings, and turn on the power supply to get the desired output.

Requires Easy Maintenance

It is easy to maintain and has easy servicing demand and schedule.

Low Energy Consumption

It should consume less energy to make the production economical.


It should be highly efficient to ensure that you get maximum output from the input you provide.

How to Choose the Best Adult Diaper Machine for your Industry?

For choosing the best Adult Diaper Machine for your industry, consider the following points:

  • Look at the current market demand.
  • Thoroughly understand the R&D direction and the manufacturing level of your Adult Diaper Machine.
  • Know its configuration and structure, including electrical, process control, mechanical, pneumatic, and automation level.
  • Carry out a comprehensive analysis of the different varieties available at multiple stores to make the best decision.
What are the Raw Materials Required for an Adult Diaper Machine?

The different raw materials required for an Adult Diaper Machine are:

  • Cloth-like film and PE film materials
  • Hot-melted glue (structure or spandex)
  • Jumbo tissue paper
  • MAGIC Side, PP, or frontal tape
  • Non-Woven (leakage-Hydrophobic NW or Top Sheet-Hydrophilic N.W.)
  • FLUFF PULP (untreated, treated)
  • Spandex
  • Released paper (for the back of the sanitary pad)
  • Polybags or outside PE bags
  • Release tape
  • Elastic waistband
  • Sap absorbent paper
  • ADL
What to Look for in an Adult Diaper Machine Manufacturer?

When looking for an Adult Diaper Machine manufacturer, keep the following things in mind:

  • Flexible SAP concentration and core composition options
  • Complete customization and configuration options
  • Operator-friendly process and Adult Diaper Machine handling
  • Good customer reviews and professional company profile
  • Expert engineering, startup, and servicing
  • High affordability and maximum reliability
How Does the SAP Spray System of an Adult Diaper Machine Work?

The SAP spray system of an Adult Diaper Machine includes:

  • Mixing up the bluff and flat belt pushing
  • 3-10g/pc is the spray range
  • Alarm function at the lower position
  • Servo control
  • Heater before dispense
  • The interface sets the spray gram
  • Auto ground hopper feeding and SAP sensor alarm
  • Continuous even spray
What is an Adult Diaper Machine Configuration?

An Adult Diaper Machine configuration includes:

  • Separate chambers for mix layer, distribution layer, and bottom layer
  • Anatomic core
  • A safety device with an urgent stop switch
  • Improved vacuum area
  • For even thickness height adjusted rotating brush
  • Recycle device
  • Side sucking mode of the fluff vacuum for making high fluff density
  • Silencer for high audio fan
  • Dust filter

Main Systems Included

  • Double drum forming system
  • Core wrapping system
  • Double pulp crusher system
  • Web roller compacting system
  • Waistband feeding & cut system
  • Bi and tri-folding system
  • Leg spandex feeding system
  • Hydrophilic non-woven feeding system
  • ADL feeding & cut system
  • Upper tissue paper feeding system
  • Back sheet feeding system
  • Edge scrap collecting system
  • Frontal tape feeding system
  • Hydrophobic non-woven feeding system
  • Lower tissue paper feeding system
  • Product compacting system
  • Core cutting system
  • Arc cutting system
  • Double SAP feeding system
  • Output system
  • Side tape feeding system
  • Vertical folding system
  • Smooth roller compacting system
What Does the Mill System of an Adult Diaper Machine Contain?

The mill system of an Adult Diaper Machine contains:

  • Electric drive auto lifting device
  • Auto change roll without turning off the power
  • Saw-Type high-speed mill
  • Pulp stand
  • Fluff weight maintenance at low or high-speed running
  • Untreated, treated, or semi-treated pulp
  • Overheating sensors and auto alarm
  • With speed change, auto adjustment of pulp dosing is possible
What are the Optional Parts for an Adult Diaper Machine?

The optional parts of an Adult Diaper Machine are:

  • The second drum former having a pad placer and re-pitch features
  • Front and back application module and panel construction
  • Lotion application system
  • Metal detector
  • Inline lamination back sheet
  • Rotary filter with the second stage
  • Manual exit for stacker
  • Frontal tape unwinder
  • Horizontal stacker
  • Material handling units
  • Single packing system
  • Soundproof cabin
  • Extra size change kits
  • Cartoning machine
  • Back sheet flexographic printing
  • Line scan camera with quality system LS
  • Glue vision system
  • Packaging machine
What are the Problems Related to an Adult Diaper Machine?

The problems related to an Adult Diaper Machine are:


High temperature may lead to joint leakage, hydraulic valve blockage, pipeline explosions, and noise problems.

Electrical Sensitivity

Inside the cabinet, the electrical components installed for control may undergo failure. The aging circuits may lead to short circuit failures and cracks. The slow operation, fatality, and control malfunctions may damage the industrial controllers and other critical control elements.

Inadequate Lubrication

Inadequate lubrication destroys the paint layer and metal structure and damages the chassis.

How to Maintain your Adult Diaper Machine?

To maintain your Adult Diaper Machine, consider the following information:

  • Replace the engine oil filters frequently in the summer
  • Verify the efficiency of the fan generator, pump, and compressor
  • Make sure that there is no blockage in the fuel system and the oil system
  • Change the adhesive tape
  • Clean the oil and dust around the motor daily to minimize engine load and efficient heat dispersion
  • Replace the old plugs, wires, and hoses
  • Increase the viscosity of the oil
  • Keep the fuel pipes tight enough to prevent leakage
  • Lubricate the components regularly to prevent failure and deterioration
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